How To Measure Kid's Chest Size

Buying clothing for your child is sometimes a bothersome and not so easy task because most often you end up buying the wrong size of clothes. Sometimes, you end up buying a larger size just to make sure that the clothes would at least not be tight for your child. What makes it difficult is that you would not really know a child’s size just by looking at him and then estimating his size. In that case, there is a lot of room for misjudgement, so it is much better to measure for size accurately.

  • When you want to buy a shirt for your child and you do not know his size, you should measure his chest size. Here are some simple tips on how to measure the chest size to aid you in your shopping for children’s clothes.
  • You need to have a flexible measuring tape. Make your child stand straight and upright. Make sure that his hands are on his sides. One tip also is to make sure that your child is relaxed when being measured, which means that he should not hold his breath. The purpose of letting your child relax is that when you actually buy the clothes, he should be comfortable in them because the clothes have enough room for breathing and would not be too tight. Try to keep your child from fidgeting or moving unnecessarily as you are measuring him.
  • Measure your child’s chest directly under his arms and make sure that you measure at the point where your child’s chest is at the fullest. The technique is to measure it just at the level of the armpits because this is usually the place where the breast is fullest.
  • Then hold the measuring tape’s end using one hand. With the use of your other hand wrap the tape around your child’s chest until the tape touches the end that you are holding. The point where the end touches the measuring strip is the measure of your child’s chest size.
  • Write the measurements right after you measure them to avoid forgetting them. One tip is to make sure that your measuring tape is parallel to the ground so that you will have a more accurate measurement. If you let the measuring tape slack a bit or hang rather loosely, you might obtain an inaccurate measurement.
  • Different types of clothes also require different measurements so that a person will be comfortable when wearing them. Jackets, sweater or coats are made of materials that are heavier than a typical shirt. It may be a wise idea to give an extra inch or two so that your child wearing it could move more freely.

These are the very simple steps for measuring your kid's chest size. You hardly need any special instrument other than the measuring tape. Always measure your child’s chest sizes first before you go shopping for his shirts. Buy the right size of shirts so that your child will wear clothes that he is most comfortable in.


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