How To Mend a Lining

Sharp scissors
Straight pins
Sewing needle or sewing machine
Thread matching lining color

When you notice a rip in the lining of your clothing, you want to fix it as quickly as possible so you can keep the lining rip from growing longer. If the lining rips, it will usually -- but not always -- rip on the seam, where the stitching has come undone or has weakened. An article of clothing with a lining stitched in generally costs more than a similar piece of clothing with no lining, so it is important to mend the lining.

Turn your item of clothing -- blazer, skirt or jacket -- inside out so you can check the tear and pin the lining for repair more easily. Figure out how long the lining rip is and look closely to see if it has extended away from the seam line; if it has, you will need to cut the ripped portion so you can mend the lining neatly. Carefully clip the ripped portion and loose threads away while leaving enough fabric to rejoin for mending.


Fold a narrow edge over on both sides of the ripped lining; pin securely. This will be reinforcement to keep your mended lining repaired. Before you stitch the lining edge, hold both sides together to make sure they will fit well without causing stress on another area of the lining. Using either your hand needle or sewing machine, carefully stitch the edge of the lining. Tie a concealed knot in the thread and cut the excess close to the knot.

Neatly pin the two edges of the lining, using several straight pins. Keeping your item of clothing inside out, lay it on a firm surface, smoothing the pinned lining. Check the lining at the ripped area to make sure it has not begun stretching or pulling on another area of the lining. If it is, re-pin the lining. Check again; if there is no stress, begin hand-stitching or machine-stitching the lining. If you decide to hand-stitch your lining for repair, choose a sturdy stitch, such as the blanket stitch. Your lining will be more securely mended with the blanket stitch, as you are securing the top portion of your stitch with an anchoring stitch from the bottom of the lining. Remove the pins, lay the item flat and check your mending job. Carefully tie off the thread and cut the excess away.


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