How To Mix Professional Hair Color

Woman using hair dye

Hair is considered a person’s crowning glory. The cut and presentation of your hair can make or break you in terms of first impressions. That is why more and more people are taking advantage of the growing availability of tools that can enhance hair appearance.

Having access to hair coloring products is not enough to ensure you a good hair day. You should have an idea of how you can do the mixing accordingly.

1.    Identify the good kits. Before tearing open the package of a certain hair coloring product you must first understand how you can get a high-end product. You can consider factors like the length of your hair (usually longer hair demands two kits), the quality of the conditioner, the effect of the product after the hair coloring procedure, and the duration until the effect of the hair color fades away.

2.    Know what’s out in the market. At present, hair coloring products cost about four to twenty dollars. Clairol, Nice&Easy, Garnier, and L’Oreal are some of the usual names in the hair color industry. Clairol offers less expensive products but do not usually lead to favorable results. L’Oreal can be considered as the leading brand among this quartet. It provides a hair finish that will keep you smiling for quite some time.

3.    Get what fits you. You cannot start mixing chemicals unless you know what they can do for your hair. Take a look at the different categories of hair color.

  • Temporary – color lasts from shampoo to another as the color is deposited only up to the external hair shaft.
  • Semi-temporary – takes 4 to 6 shampooing before you say goodbye to the color.
  • Semi permanent – typically used to make your hair darker. It is the ideal hair color treatment as there is no presence of ammonia and peroxide. Duration is about 4 to 6 weeks or 6 to 12 shampoos.
  • Demi-permanent – a bit stronger than its semi permanent counterpart. It can last up to about 24 to 26 shampoos and contains small amounts of peroxide.
  • Permanent - penetrates the inner core of the hair. It has a lightening effect and is used with ammonia and peroxide.

4.    Put it to the test. Mixing hair color is a simple and easy procedure what you have to focus on is the checking of possible allergic reactions the product may trigger. Start with your skin by placing a small amount on any surface. Wait for around twenty minutes and if there are signs of allergy do not use the product. Your hair should follow. Combine two drops each of the coloring product and its developer. Get a tiny piece of your hair and tape the ends. Place the un-taped portion on the mixture you made and wait for 25 minutes. Check if the result supports that claims of the product.

5.    You can now mix. You need a color liquid and a crème bleach or developer. You can either get a complete package or purchase individual components from your local beauty stores. Pour the liquid color into the mixing bowl followed by the crème developer to come up with the color solution. The standard amount of the developer is about 3 oz.

Mixing hair color solutions the way professionals do is not a complicated task. You just have to follow the directions set by the manufacturer. Do not deviate from the amount indicated.


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