How To Mix Professional Hair Dye

Coloring hair

Hair dyes are primarily used to bring out a refreshing and professional look. The making of its mixture can be quite daunting for some but once you get the hang of it you have an express ticket to looking and feeling younger. Let’s take a look at some of the elements to consider in making a nice hair dye solution.

  1. Assess your hair. You can perform this with the aid of a hair level ring that is typically available in your local beauty supply shops. Place it on the darkest part of your hair to determine your present hair color. Its next function would be to help you identify the shade you want to achieve. It’s best not to go overboard. Three shades from your present one in both directions is your limit.
  2. Get the right tones. It would be of big help if you know the base color of your hair. If you don’t then you can look for professional advice. Upon knowing your hair’s base color you can find out the tones fit for you. If you have cool hair or blue and green bases then you’re better off with warm, golden or red additions. If you have warm hair or violet and red bases then the right thing to do is to choose a color with an ash or neutral nature (blue and green).
  3. Level of difference matters. Get the difference between the levels of your present and desired hair color. A three level difference demands the use of a 30 level developer while one or two level differences would fit a 20 level developer. 20 and 30 level developers are commonly utilized if you want a lighter hair while a 10 level developer is tapped on to produce a darker result.
  4. Make sure they match. The hair dye bottle has a section that will tell you how much ounce it contains. Make sure that the amount of the hair dye you’re going to use is the same as that of the developer. At this point get the application bottle, as it will be used to accommodate both the hair dye and the developer. Put on gloves when mixing the dye and its developer.
  5. Shake, shake, and shake. To ensure complete union of the hair dye and the developer give your solution adequate shaking.
  6. When in doubt, don’t push it. Although it’s a rewarding experience to mix a professional hair dye and get acceptable results it’s not advisable to push through with the process if the only product that you have access to doesn’t offer enough directions. Most of the authentic professional hair dye products are packaged without the basic instructions and guides. The reason behind this is that such kits are made for professionals who have adequate training in their chosen field. Furthermore, you should be careful when it comes to online purchase since most beauty supply establishments require buyers to have a cosmetic license. Instead of getting the look you desire you might end up on a consultation with a medical practitioner asking for an appropriate treatment.

Products that enhance the physiological make-up of your body contain chemicals that can either help or harm you. In cases that you are not confident with the products claim don’t take the risk. Be patient in looking for the right stuff or better yet be contented with your natural look.


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