How To Naturally Grow Longer Eyelashes

Eyelash extension

While your eyelashes serve the mundane yet all-important purpose of protecting your eyes from threats and other hazards, they have become a potent symbol of beauty and attractiveness. Longer eyelashes are considered more attractive: women seek to mimic this effect by using mascara or by attaching fake eyelashes, some long to the point of comic ridiculousness. If you are hesitant about these methods, and want to try natural techniques for lengthening your eyelashes, here are some things you may want to keep in mind when trying to grow longer eyelashes.

  1. Have a healthy diet. Your eyelashes are made out of keratin, the same substance that forms your hair and your nails. If you want to encourage growth, you will have to keep a health and balanced diet. A body that is starving will sacrifice non-essential growths, such as your hair and nails, to try to maintain a semblance of normal function. Adopt a health lifestyle and eat right. This should be the most basic step in growing your eyelashes longer.
  2. Feed your eyelashes. Some experts claim that Vaseline helps your eyelashes grow naturally longer. Before you doze off in bed, make sure you apply some Vaseline onto your eyebrows. Leave this on for around five minutes before you wash away completely. Make sure that the Vaseline doesn’t come into contact with your eyes. This will nourish your eyelashes and make them grow longer and more sensual. There are other alternatives to Vaseline: olive oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil have been used to promote growth and lengthening. Not only will this make your eyelashes grow, it will make sure they shine.
  3. Give your lashes supplements. You can also use natural supplements to boost the growth of your eyelashes. Vitamin E oils can be rubbed on the eyelashes to give it a better sheen, allowing it to grow more. There are also eyelash accelerators available on the market. If you are open and willing to take this step, there is no shortage of product reviews and comparisons online.
  4. Trim your eyelashes. At first this may seem counterintuitive, but anecdotal evidence reports that your eyelashes grow faster after trimming. Obviously, the entire eyelash is not trimmed, nor is it cut significantly. By carefully trimming the eyelashes, the expert believes, you encourage growth.

Mascara is the easiest solution to making your eyebrows look longer. Even if just a transient addition, the effect on the opposite sex is unmistakable. Try to choose the step that works for you, or go for all of them! You have nothing to lose as long as you stick to a natural plan of action.


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