How To Paint a Clown Face

Boy with clown make up

There are lots of choices that you have when painting a clown face, but there are some things that just have to be a certain way. Your clown face should be a white background with bright and fun colors. To make a clown face, you should use clown make up and setting powder. In order to remove your clown face, you'll need a makeup remover. The good news is that you can buy a clown makeup kit, and most kits come with a small bottle of remover, but it often takes a lot of makeup remover to get the job done so you may want to consider buying extra.

  1. Wash your face. This gives the make up a clean canvas, so to speak, which will make the process smoother.
  2. Make sure the face is thoroughly dry, also for ease of application.
  3. Outline in white. You should have a white pencil included in your clown makeup kit. Use this pencil to outline the entire face. This is the area you will be painting white.

    Outline the lips and color near the eyes. You should be very careful around the eyes. Go slowly as you creep closer to them and make sure you are relaxed as you do it. If your kit doesn't come with a pencil, you can use a narrow brush, but be careful.

  4. Fill in the white. The most striking part of a clown is the white face. You will now take the sponge (most kits have one or you can use an inexpensive foam makeup sponge) and get it in the white paint. Slowly apply this to the face starting at the white outline and working your way in. It is best if you aim for applying this in a circular motion toward the center of the face. Be gentle and don't be afraid to use a lot of makeup to cover the skin.
  5. Set the white. Using white or clear setting powder, lightly dust the face. This helps the makeup stay on the face and will stop it from coming off all over the place. I have heard that you can use baby powder, but I would warn you that there are some health concerns with talc and I am not sure corn starch would work.
  6. Paint the face. Now you can be creative and paint the face however you wish using a variety of paint brushes. Smaller sizes help with detail work, while larger sizes make finishing in larger spaces faster. You will want at least one brush for each color that you are going to use. You can add lots of red for large lips either in a smile or a frown (depending on your personality and desires). You can add rosy cheeks, colored squares or circles. And you can paint the eyelids in fancy designs. You can also do your eyebrows with fancy colors, or outline them in black. Painting the nose red is a popular option.
  7. Set the paint. Dust the new paint with setting powder. In the case of colors, clear works best.
  8. Finish your clown face with mascara or fake eyelashes.

Being a clown is often about the face, but the clothes are a great help to. You can wear mismatched items or have some fun with loud polka dots. Also a wig in rainbow or bright red can help to finish out a great face.

Have fun and remember the makeup remover; you'll need it to clean your brushes and your face. Otherwise you will struggle to get everything clean.


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