How To Paint a French Manicure without Guide Strips

Having clean and manicured nails is essential to looking great and professional. A very popular style with manicure is a French manicure. This is a very good looking manicure although it takes some expertise to get it done. For beginners, you can use pre-packaged French manicure sets that have guide strips so you don’t make any mistakes. However, if you’re willing to try, you can still create a professional looking manicure even without guide strips.

Here’s how to paint a French manicure without guide strips.

  • Prepare the nails. To get started you need to get your hands and nails ready. Soak your nails in a water solution to soften the nails. Leave your nails in the basin of warm water for a few minutes. Next, trim the nails to an appropriate length. Use a sharp nail cutter and don’t tug or pull on the nail. This can cause a hangnail or damage your nail bed. Treat your nails with TLC. You don’t want your nails too long that it prevents you from doing things like typing on the keyboard or playing on the piano. However, you do want to keep a bit of length so you have a portion that you can paint with white tips to create the French manicure. If you trim your nails all the way, you won’t be able to do it. Push back the cuticles. File the nail down to a nice shape and be sure to remove any rough edges. Repeat the process with the other nails.
  • Do the base coat first. Dry the hands properly. Now, it’s time to start painting. Get a light a translucent nail polish. A light pink or a soft beige is a good option. You don’t want to go with a color that is too dark or too solid. You want your French manicure to look natural. Apply the base coat with the applicator brush and do a quick stroke. Start from the center of the nail and one swipe on the let and right side of the nail bed. Do one coat only. Allow the nail polish to dry completely.
  • Use a white polish for the tips. Now this next part is a little tricky but relax. You can do it. Look at your nails and observe where the white portion or the fingertip ends. This is where the white tips of the French manicure will end. Use this as your guideline. Get your white nail polish and carefully follow the way your nails naturally turn a lighter color as it grows out do about a centimeter wide white arc using the white polish. You will paint from one end of the nail to the other, creating a C-shape.
  • Apply the topcoat polish. When the tips are done, apply your topcoat. This will seal in your manicure and prevent it from chipping or fading.

Repeat the process with each nail until done. Be patient and don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it done perfectly. With a bit of practice, you can eventually do this like a pro. Once you know the technique, you can do this yourself and have perfect looking manicured nails each and every time!


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