How To Paint Ladybugs on your Nails

Nail art is a very popular, trendy way to express your personality. If you don't want to visit a salon and get the same airbrushed designs many other women have, or if your budget just won't allow it, consider doing your nails at home. With a little preparation and practice, you can easily have beautiful designs on your nails. Small designs like insects work well, and it is very easy to paint ladybugs on your nails.

First, you'll need to gather your materials. You'll need both red and black nail polish for the ladybugs themselves. You can choose your own background nail polish color. White will make the ladybugs really stand out, or you can choose green to make the ladybugs look like they're sitting on grass. Yellow would also look nice, and simulate the center of a flower.

To paint ladybugs on your nails, you'll also need a stencil, a very fine paint brush and a toothpick. Looseleaf paper reinforcement stickers would work nicely for the stencil, or you can cut circles out of masking tape if your nails are too small to use the reinforcements.

Begin with a base coat. This will allow the nail polish to stick to your nails better, making your manicure last longer. Allow this coat to dry, and then paint on your chosen background color, using two coats if needed. Allow the background color to dry completely before beginning to paint ladybugs on your nails.

Stick the looseleaf paper reinforcement stickers or masking tape stencils on your nails, putting the holes in the areas where you want to paint ladybugs on your nails. Paint over the stickers or stencils with red, using two coats if necessary to keep the background color from showing through. Allow the red polish to dry completely, and then remove the stickers or stencils.

Now you're ready to add the accents to your ladybugs. You can paint antennae and legs on them with a fine paintbrush dipped into black nail polish. You can also add the spots with the fine paintbrush, or use a toothpick to put small drops of black polish on the ladybugs for a rounder look to the spots.

Once the black accents are thoroughly dry, finish with two coats of top coat polish. Put a bit under each nail to seal the designs even better. You can see it is very easy to paint ladybugs on your nails, and it makes for a very cute look!


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