How To Pick a Hair Color that Suits You

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Hairstyles are works of art. And, like any art masterpiece, the shapes, textures, and colors must go along well. Your hair color is as big a deal as your hair cut. It must complete your look and must complement, not overshadow, your physical features. Hair colors might be just final touches, but they have a great impact on your over-all look.

Some people decide compulsively to just copy their celebrity idol's hair color. Some just go with the flow and pick the hottest color that many people wear. The most unfortunate thing probably is having someone, like your hair dresser, pick your hair color for you, but end up making you look like a disaster. When it comes to hair color, make sure you choose the right people to entrust your tresses to. These bad decisions consequently come up with unflattering results. Different folks have different strokes, remember? The hair color that was worn by someone on Glee might not match your assets. There is also that possibility that you cannot carry that color well. On the other hand, if you opt to let someone else choose the color for you, make sure you involve yourself in the decision making. Just take suggestions and listen to options, not orders. It is your hair after all. Somehow, each of us has unique features. And, it takes a customized hair color as well to suit this uniqueness. If you are confused on how to start, follow these tips and you will be on your way to looking even better!

  • In choosing a hair color that will best suit you, there are lots of things to look into. The basic one is your skin tone. Do you possess a warm or cool skin tone? Warm tones are perfect with the pinkish, flesh shades to pale white orientation. People with cool tones can have yellow, olive to brownish hair colors. Westerners usually have warm skin tone and Oriental people have cool skin colors.
  • Since you want to complement and not to camouflage your hair color with your skin, choose the opposite colors. For warm skin tones, avoid too dark or ashy colors. These might make you look lifeless and blood-constricted like Morticia Adams. You can have light to golden to rusty blondes, chocolate-tone browns and orange-mixed reds. You can mix some pink or gold undertones with the brown hair color. Orange and golden bases are your best friends. These will highlight your fair complexions. Cool tone skinned people could have some light to coffee blondes, plain to dark browns, blacks, eggplant-shade violets and some chosen shades of reds. It is best that you stick with neutral colored bases. You also are lucky if you can wear striking out of the usual colors like the reds and violets. These will enrich the earthy and full-of-life skin tone.
  • There is also that eye-color factor. Most warm people have soft and mixed colors on their eyes like golden brown, blue, green, turquoise, and hazel with hints of gold. Dark blondes are safe for warm tone-skinned people because those colors highlight their unique eye colors. While cool tone-skinned people usually have the solid dark colored eyes like black, dark brown, deep blue, hazel with grays or blues and grays with blues. They are safe to wear stunning rich colors like red and violet to complement their almost plain eye color.
  • Another asset that you have to work with is your face type. For heart shaped faces, light and honey blondes are good. Dark brown and black bases with brown touches suit any face shape, but will especially look good on round or oval face shapes. People with long-shaped face will do well with lighter browns or rusty blondes.

Remember, do not compromise any factor. Opt for temporary colors if you still are doing some test runs. Or better yet, consult the professionals.


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