How To Pick an Over 50 Hairstyle

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Most people when they hit their fifties start getting more worried about their hair and what to do with it. Some who are at a complete loss just give up, thinking that there’s nothing much they can do about it anyway—it’s a moot point. But the fact is, the older you get, the more exciting it is to style your hair. Here are tips on how you can still score that perfect hairstyle.

  1. Consult a professional hairstylist. If you have a personal stylist, tell her to be honest. Ask for pointers and advice on what kind of hairstyle looks flattering on you and appropriate for your age. With years of experience working on your hair, she would surely be an expert on what looks good on you and how to best manage your hair.
  2. Browse the Internet for photos of celebrities who are over 50, with hairstyles you admire. If you want to score the gorgeous locks of the likes of Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, etc. look no further than the Internet. You can browse photos of them and their changing hairstyles, pick out a few favorites and print the photos of your choice. The next time you visit your stylist, bring the print-outs with you and talk over which style best suits you.
  3. Make a gallery of ideal hairstyles to choose from. You can browse fashion and hairstyle magazines, and pictures from the Internet to make a gallery of ideal hairstyles. You can cut and paste, or print and paste pictures onto an illustration board to show to your stylist. Then you can both talk about which styles you prefer most and ask for feedback directly from her regarding which style looks best on your hair type and complexion.
  4. Choose a hairstyle that accentuates your best features. Choosing a new hairstyle is not about considering only what’s trendy, stylish, and expensive-looking. Whether you’re over fifty or younger, when you’re choosing a new hairstyle, you should always be concerned with finding one that brings your best features out into the light. It may be the shape of your face, your defined chin, or your eyes. No matter what it is, the best kinds of hairstyles are those that highlight the natural beauty of your face and other notable physical aspects. For example, adding the right kind of bangs would draw more attention to your upper face, especially the eyes, while bob cuts are perfect for framing the sides and shape of the face.
  5. Modify a cut or hairstyle to suit you, and not the other way around. If you’ve chosen a type of hairstyle from a photo or your gallery of ideal hairstyles, you can still modify or customize that specific look to fit you. For example, you can add bangs or waves to liven up a simple cut. Or you can choose to have new hair color that goes with the new style. The possibilities are endless. There is not one original style. You can use one and make it your own.
  6. Always pick something flattering and suitable for your age. Getting that cool pixie cut and dying your hair a vivid shade of pink sure was fun…when you were a teenager! It really is cool to experiment with different outrageous hairstyles, but now that you’re more mature and you have the wisdom that old age brings, it’s time to leave that pink hair dye to someone younger and with a more bubbly, naïve character. Choose a hairstyle that shows you’re a mature, beautiful, and strong woman.

Being over 50 and choosing the perfect hairstyle to go with your age may sound like a less exciting prospect for you. But there’s no need to be ashamed. Whatever hairstyle you choose, choose something that highlights your best features and is age-appropriate. It helps when you are confident and proud of yourself. When you do that, your natural beauty and awesome new hairstyle will truly shine through. Do not think of your age as a burden because it’s just a number; it doesn’t diminish the wonderful qualities of the person inside.


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