How To Pick the Right Makeup for Green Eyes

Make up application and choosing the right shade of color usually depends on the prominent features on one's face. A pair of green eyes is one of the most attractive and unique eye colors. You can actually make your eyes even more beautiful by applying the perfect make up. It is best to play with the colors since green eyes blend well with different shades. In this article you will be provided with tips on choosing the right make up for your attractive green eyes.

  • For your eye shadow, warm colors best suit your green eyes. Metallic colors like copper or gold is a good color to serve as your highlights. Your green eyes will look gorgeous at night if you use these metallic colors. You can also use shades of brown or even better, a more chocolate accent. Shades of plum, dark gray, charcoals and black are also perfect eyeshadow colors for your green eyes.
  • For your eyeliner, you can actually accentuate your eye color with still warm colors. A black eyeliner is best to be avoided. Try also applying shades of green for your eyeliner.
  • Refrain from using colors that are cool to look at, such as white and blue. Though metallic colors may be quite a good idea for highlighting for your eyeshadow, stay away from silver at all costs.
  • For coloring your entire face, technicality is also an element for picking right make up to complement your green eyes. The color of your make up will depend on your skin tone. Well, no surprise in that. Choosing the shade of color for your make up so that it will blend with your skin color is the same as choosing the right shade of dress to emphasize your beauty. For dark toned ladies, the color the suits your skin and luscious green eyes is bronze. For fair skinned people, then brown is best for you. Mauve and purple are colors that can go along with either fair or dark tone. If the color of your skin is pale, then a pinkish shade or brown will suit you well.
  • The makeup that fits your green eyes will also depend on how green your eyes are. Here are the types of green eye colors and the corresponding colors that jive with the eyes:
    • For light green and almost grayish green: This is a difficult color to mix with the perfect eyeshadow color. The color orange is recommended, especially the light to medium shade of this color.
    • If you have a darker shade of green for your eyes: this shade is known as forest green. The good thing about this color is that it can go well with almost any shade of color for your eyeshadow. You can also apply any shade for your eyeliner, most especially a deep shade of brown.
    • Almost turquoise-like shade of green: this shade sometimes appears to be blue. You can apply any color that ranges from light to medium shades. This eye color can actually play well with blue eyeshadow.
    • If your eyes are light- to mid-green: dark eyeshadow is a no-no for this kind of eye color. Just stick with the less dark colors for your eyes.

The color that best suits the color green is the complementary color, red. So, that means all colors that have more red (e.g., mauves and violets) are perfect colors for green eyes.


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