How To Pick Which Lipstick Color Suits You Best

Lipstick makes a lady more stunning and more attractive. However, if misused it destroys the over all beauty and grandeur of the aura. So how do you choose the best lipstick for your lips? For you to be able to choose the best lipstick color for your lips, use this quick overview of how to pick colors that beautify and alter the lips:

  • Orange or yellow - These colors change the lip's mood to a softer as well as a warmer tone. They are suitable for skin tones that are also warm. On the other hand, if you have a pale skin tone, these colors will bring out blue and/or green skin tones for you. It is recommended to use the shade of yellow rather than orange because the latter creates a tired aura for the lips.
  • Grey or silver - Hues like grey and silver provide more smoothness, depth, as well as more shimmer to the lips. These shades also add lightness for sluggish lips. However, too much use of the grey or silver brings out blue undertones for the skin that is not good, so be careful. These colors also make eye circles stand out so be very cautious in applying these shades.
  • Blue or green - These are the trendiest and the wildest colors in town, if you think you can wear this with a smile and confidence, go. Just be vigilant because these colors will make you look like you are under a fluorescent light. These colors are recommended for fashion parties and not for ordinary days.
  • Pink or red - These are the most common hues used by women. These colors give warmer and deeper tones for the lips. The use of these colors brings out the red tones in the skin so do not apply these colors much.

Now that you know the effect of each color on your skin, here are the things to consider in choosing a lipstick:

  • Lip size - Determine if you have smaller or fuller lips. If your lips are lighter than the normal, use lighter hues for your lips because they create an illusion giving volume for your lips. On the other hand, if you have fuller lips, use darker colors for they make the lips look smaller. You should not use shimmer for fuller lips because they will add more volume to the lips. Shimmer is only recommended for lighter lips.
  • Time of the day - The most recommended shades for daytime are the lighter ones. Conversely, use darker hues for nighttime. Also, gloss and shimmer add glamour during nighttime. On the other hand, a natural look with a swipe of shimmer is also recommended during daytime.
  • Lip liner - Make sure to use a lip liner that has a shade darker than your lipstick. Also, you have to make sure that your lip liner and your lipstick belong to the same family color. This way, you will not be ending with worn off and tired lips when your lipstick wears off.

With these tips on lipstick application and colors, you could be a head turner with your perfect lips!


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