How To Pick Women's Hairstyles that Suit Your Face Shape

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If you’ve been kind of experimental with your hair for quite some time now and still haven’t nailed down the right hairstyle for you, you are doing something wrong. Or more appropriately, you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, that is, to know the shape of your face. The shape of your face is one big clue to find out the women's hairstyle that good looks on you, because remember this: not all hairstyles are cut for all face shapes. So look at your photo and see if your face is oval, round, square, and heart-shaped. Then, read the following hairstyle ideas for each face shape.

  • Oval. Considered the most balanced of all face shapes, an oval face is one that is both narrow and long. If you have this, you’re in luck. You can try practically any hairstyle. The only thing you have to think of is the part you want to highlight, then you can shoot for a hairstyle that you want. If you want to have a short or medium hairstyle, go for layered or side-swept bangs. If you want to have long hairstyle, wavy and big curls will work. The only hairstyle that won’t work for an oval face is one that covers the shape of the face. Remember, oval face is the ideal shape, so wear a hairstyle that flaunts it.
  • Round. The width of a round face is usually close to its length measurement. It has full cheeks and is round in the chin area. Hairstyles that add length is best for a round face. If you have round face, you can opt for a super short do since this promotes the illusion of height. Should you like to go for medium-length hairstyle, make sure there is neither fluffiness on the cheek areas nor hair-sticking-out-on-the-sides style. Both give added width. For long hairstyles, opt for layered or straight cut. Bangs are typically not recommended for round face. But if you choose to wear bangs, make sure to avoid full, solid bangs, as these tend to lend a wider shape illusion. Opt for layered or side-swept bangs instead.
  • Square. You have square-shaped face if your jaw line and chin are as wide as your forehead. The best hairstyles for you are those round in shape to soften your strong jaw. Also good are hairstyles that bring the hair forward, especially in the chin area. For short and medium hairstyles, choose those that allow the sides to fall on the jaw line. For long hairstyles, go for wavy and layered. Avoid chin-length cuts and full, heavy bangs, as these can further accentuate the squareness of your face. Bangs should be swept to one side.
  • Heart-shaped. This face shape has wide forehead but narrow chin area. Best for heart-shaped face are hairstyles that tend to widen the jaw and chin areas. If you have heart-shaped face, chin- or shoulder-length cuts will look flattering on you. Medium and long hairstyles with soft layers or waves on the chin area create a vertical length illusion that benefits the heart-shaped face. Side-swept bangs are in; straight bangs are out.

Whatever face shape you have, remember to choose the hairstyle that highlights your best parts and softens your strong features. To further help you with your hairstyle choice, find celebrities with the same face shape as yours and consider their hairstyles.


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