How To Pluck Eyebrows Evenly

Woman trimming eyebrows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows can define a woman’s face and give it character. It frames one of your most important assets - your eyes. You may have a set of beautiful eyes but a pair of crooked and unshaped eyebrows can be distracting and take away the focus on your eyes. Eyebrows perform the function of shielding your eyes from foreign matter.

You have seen ordinary women and celebrities with beautifully shaped eyebrows and may wonder how that is achieved. There are professional ways to shape eyebrows including shaving, threading, and waxing. The best way to shape your eyebrows is by plucking. It can be done in a salon or you can do it at home. You only need a few things to shape your eyebrows by plucking. Here are the tips to pluck your eyebrows evenly.

  1. The best time to pluck your eyebrows is before bedtime after you have showered. It will be easier to pluck your eyebrows after your shower and doing it at night will allow the redness to disappear overnight.
  2. If your eyebrow hairs are too long, trim them first with a manicure scissors to make it easier to pluck them. Apply witch hazel to your eyebrows before your start plucking.
  3. Brush your eyebrows upwards and then across the brow bone. Use angled tweezers to pluck the strays underneath the natural brow line.
  4. Use a large mirror or one that magnifies your image so that you can see each individual hair. Pluck hair one at a time, following the natural contour of your eyebrow. Remove a few at a time and constantly check them to avoid over-plucking. Do the same for your other brow. Do not pluck hair above your eyebrows or you will end up with a straight eyebrow line.
  5. Remove the hair in between your eyebrows, too. Start at the center and work your way towards the beginning of your eyebrows. Pluck individual hair strands. Stop if there is excessive swelling and redness. Wrap an ice cube with a face cloth and rub it over the reddened area to minimize the swelling. Take a few minutes break before you start again. Do not pluck any hair from the beginning of your eyebrows unless your eyebrows are too close together.
  6. Check the overall effect of your plucking before you continue. Use a large mirror so you can see your whole face.
  7. The basic shape of an eyebrow is one that is arched. The inner tip of the eyebrow should be parallel to the side of your nose. With a pencil, place it in the side of your nose and see if there are stray hairs that can be removed from the inner tip. The outside tip should extend to the point when you place the pencil beside your nose at a 45-degree angle and lying against the bottom corner of your eye. The bottom edge of the inner tip and the outer tip should be on one straight line.
  8. The downward slope of the eyebrow should begin at the outer edge of your iris as you directly look forward. You can mark the points with some washable marker so you will have a guide. Follow the natural arch of your brows.

Do not overpluck. Follow the natural contour of your eyebrows and just remove the strays initially. Eyebrow hair takes awhile to grow so it is not advisable to remove too much during the first time. Once you have achieved an even shape, be satisfied with it. You can reshape it better next time.


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