How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most important reminders of perhaps the most special day of your life, and you would certainly want to preserve it. After all, wouldn’t you want to have it remain in pristine condition for the next generation to wear at their own wedding? Here are some ways that you could effectively preserve your wedding dress:

1.    Have your wedding dress professionally cleaned. This is very important, since you’d want your wedding dress to be in as good condition as possible for a very long time. Take your wedding gown immediately after the wedding (or ask somebody to do this for you) so that stains will not be too difficult to remove. Point out whatever areas which need extra treatment.

It’s best that you choose a cleaning service that specializes in cleaning wedding gowns or garments that are especially delicate and have intricate designs and beadwork. The cleaner should use chemicals that are specially formulated for delicate fabrics. Most regular garments are treated with harsh chemicals, which wouldn’t be good for wedding gowns. You could ask for recommendations from store where you bought your wedding gown, or from your wedding planner, if you have one. Once the wedding gown has been professionally cleaned, take the time to check if there were any stains or marks left over.

2.    Know how your wedding dress should be stored. The best and easiest way to store your wedding gown is by folding it carefully into an acid-free box. You should also put acid-free tissue paper in between the folds of the gown to prevent permanent wrinkles. You could ask from the professional cleaners if they provide this type of box/tissue with their service.

When folding your wedding dress for storage, make sure that the main bodice of the gown is straightened out and that there are as few creases as possible. Remember, your gown will remain like this for a long time and so you should fold it as neatly as you can. Experts recommend that you unfold and refold the gown every few years to avoid the possibility of wrinkles and creases forming in the gown. When doing this, it’s best that you wear white gloves so that the natural oil and dirt from your hands won’t transfer to your gown. Be sure also to remove all accessory items, such as shoulder pads and perspiration shields and keep them in a separate place.

3.    Know what to do. Never, ever place mothballs or any other harsh chemical elements near your gown. This will possibly harm your gown permanently.

Never hang your gown for a long time. This can possibly disfigure or warp the shape of your gown.

Never seal the box tightly. Your gown will need proper air circulation for it to keep well.

Never put the box in a hot attic or in a humid basement. Extreme temperature will prove to be harmful to your gown. It’s best that you just keep your box under your bed in your bedroom.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to effectively preserve your wedding dress. Remember, all your efforts are worth it considering the priceless memories that come with the gown. Good luck!


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