How To Press or Straighten African American Hair

If your crowning glory is that of an African American, you definitely will wish to have it straightened at some point. Of course, who will not want a perfect and smooth straight hair, which can change your appeal and improve your aura? Despite the natural kinks and curls of your hair, it is possible for you to straighten it.

Though most people who have the same hair lose their patience when pressing or straightening their crowning glory, you must not be disoriented. The process of pressing an African American hair is so easy that you can do it yourself in just a few minutes. In fact, the steps in doing so are as simple as following these guidelines:

  • Prepare the things you need. Your major tool in pressing your hair is no other but a pressing comb. There are electrical combs like this that you can plug in an outlet. There are also some that can be heated over a burner or a stove. Other things you need include hair wax or oil sheen and stove or burner.
  • Set the burner. Have the burner on high. It will take a couple of minutes before it completely reaches your desired temperature for the pressing process. If your pressing comb can be plugged in an electrical source, you can skip this step. Rather, plug it in and wait for it to hit the right working temperature. Or, do this as instructed on the manual of your pressing comb.
  • Prepare your hair. While waiting for the burner to heat up, apply wax, oil sheen, or hair grease to your hair. Make sure that each strand of your hair is properly coated as the oil acts as a protection of your hair from the heat of the pressing comb. Without an application of oil, the hair will fall out or burn the moment the hot pressing comb hits the hair. However, just apply enough oil to lightly coat your hair.
  • Section the hair. Divide your hair into at least four sections for ease of pressing. Use clips for this purpose.
  • Prepare the comb. Take the pressing comb and place it over the burner. Let it sit in that position until it is already hot enough to press or straighten the curl away from your hair. You may want to test the temperature of the comb first before actually combing it to the hair. Just bounce it on your hair lightly first. It must be smoking lightly to indicate its readiness for the pressing.
  • Comb the hair. Have your other hand hold one section of your hair. Then, press the comb through the hair until such time that the hair is already straightened. Usually, it takes around three or four strokes before you achieve the perfect straight hair.

So who says you can’t get rid of your African American hair? In just a few presses of a hot comb, you are off to go to show the world a perfectly straight hair. However, when doing this, always observe caution. The pressing comb can be too hot to burn you so easily.


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