How To Prevent Facial Wrinkles

Facial Wrinkles are a Sign of Getting Old

Facial wrinkles are part of the human bodies aging process.  A lot of research shows that wrinkles can be hereditary, but there are many ways facial wrinkles can be prevented, or at least slowed down to a stage where they do not expand rapidly. Follow the below steps to ensure you are doing all you can to prevent facial wrinkles.

  1. Start by remembering what HELPS wrinkles grow, and fight those things first.  One being the sun.  If you are exposed to the sun on a frequent basis, you must be sure to apply a good amount of sunblock. Sunblock not only protects you from the harmful and cancerous UV rays, but it is a good way to keep your skin moist.  Another defensive move is to wear sunglasses when exposed to the sun.  Not only does this protect the yes, but it helps you avoid squinting.  Yes, squinting also helps wrinkles develop.  It's a fact!  On that subject, if you are looking to reduce your squinting, sleep on your back.  When you sleep on your face, you squint more often.  
  2. Avoid smoking.  Smoking is the number one cause of wrinkles, and is a terrible habit anyways  Non-smokers are one step ahead in wrinkle prevention by default.  Think about it, have you ever seen a 30-year smoker who has good skin?  Probably not, because their skin is old, ragged and saggy.  So, in order to prevent wrinkles, you must avoid smoking at all costs. 
  3. Start applying facial moisturizers and wrinkle creams and eye serums at an early age.  Prevention is better then correction.  Much like you visit a dentist and brush your teeth, you must take similar measures with your skin.  Wrinkle creams will not only serve as a way to fight wrinkles that exist, but they also act as a preventative measure if applied at an early age.
  4. Take a daily vitamin specializing in anti-aging properties if you are 25 or older.  Many anti-aging capsules are now on the market.  I suggest looking for one with Chinese herbs like donkey hide gelatin and purple perilla.  These provide antioxidants your body needs to rejuvenate the skin.  

By following the above steps, in addition to having a diet with antioxidants present, you can rest assured you are doing all you can to prevent facial wrinkles.  

Karla Sutton

Health & Wellness Expert

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