How To Prevent Razor Burn

Don’t you hate it when get razor burn while giving yourself a close shave?  It starts out okay. It seems like just some itching and next thing you know, your face is red and it starts to hurt. It might be somewhat tolerable if it was just uncomfortable or if razor burn didn’t make you stand out in a crowd as though you are a leper but both. Man!!! That is just too much.

But, thankfully, there is a way to solve this common occurrence. In fact, here are some tips you can do to prevent this unsightly and uncomfortable condition. Follow these simple steps and start on your way to a clean and clear face today.

  1. Condition your skin. To get the smoothest shave possible and to avoid razor burn you need to get your skin soft and clean. Start off with a shower or at the very least, wash your face with warm water.  The steam from the shower or the warm water should work well to soften your skin. Also, scrub a little with loofah to remove any dead skin cells or ingrown hairs.  After washing, wait around twenty minutes before shaving. By that time your face should be well-conditioned for a close shave. At this time, you can move on to the next step.
  2. The blade and other shaving tools. Once you skin is nice and soft for a shave, time to get all the stuff you need. You will need a sharp razor, disposable, electric or one of those cool knifey things. The blade needs to be sharp and clean. Don’t use old, worn out blades because it will irritate your and skin and is more likely to cut you than a sharp one. For an electric shaver, make sure the blades are clean. Dirty blades can also cause skin irritation. Get some shaving cream or gel. This keeps the shave close and smooth. Using soap dries out the skin, which leads to irritation. When using the cream, wet your face and apply the gel, making sure the whole area is covered.  Leave it there for a few minutes before you start shaving. This then leads us to the third step.
  3. Shaving. Once your face is full of that white stuff, time to get to work. To avoid ingrown hair, it is important to shave with the grain and not against it. It has to be short and deliberate strokes. It is advisable to use short strokes to avoid prolonged and hard contact of the razor to the skin.  Run the blade in running water after each stroke to remove any of the whiskers. Razors need to be clean because a razor full of whiskers won’t allow for a close shave. Also, keep some hot water handy. Use the hot water to rinse before you start shaving and after a few strokes. This step makes sure that there is no shaving cream left on the blade. It also remoistens the blade.
  4. After the shave. After shaving, wash your face in cold water to close out your pores and lessen skin irritation. Apply some moisturizer or some snazzy aftershave to keep your skin moist and irritation free.

Just a few simple steps and you have a close shave that will get any girl reeling and taking a second look. Nothing says you’re a man like a nice close shave before a day of hard work and partying, so go ahead and clean up. The girls will love it.


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