How To Prolong the Staying Power of Lipstick

Women have long been wishing that lipstick stayed on and lasted longer. However, stains caused by lipstick on clothes, on coffee cups, or even on a person you are kissing can be irritating.

Manufacturers of long-lasting lipsticks claim and promise that their respective lipstick brands would not come off even if you drink, eat, or kiss. But only a number of brands have been able to live up to their claims.

Procter & Gamble was the first to release long-lasting lipstick in the market. To this day, their brands live up to their claim. Outlast by Covergirl and Lipfinity by Max Factor have performed the best in tests conducted by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Max Factor's lipstick and Clinique's Stay The Day Lip Colour have been proven to last up to 10 hours as promised by the manufacturers.

A majority of the lipsticks in the market do not last as long as indicated in their packaging. What is true though is that lipsticks that claim to be long lasting do last a little longer than regular lipsticks but still stain.

If you cannot afford the expensive long lasting lipstick brands but would like to prolong the staying power of your regular lipstick, here are some ideas you can try.

Maintain the moisture and smoothness of your lips. Your lips have the tendency to easily dry up. Keeping your lips smooth and moist will help make lipstick adhere and stay on longer. Here are some products that can help keep your lips moist and smooth.

  • Petroleum jelly can help moisturize and exfoliate your lips and also creates lip sheen. Just rub a small amount of the jelly on the top and bottom of your lips with a wet tissue or washcloth.
  • Lip balm can be applied on your lips regularly to keep it smooth and never dry up.

Apply a color lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick or use a neutral colored lip liner to create a natural look. Using a lip liner helps prevent the "bleeding" of lipstick color around your lips.

Apply a concealer to prevent your lipstick or lip stain from discoloring your lips. If your lips have slight discoloration, try applying a thin layer of foundation on your lips. The foundation helps smoothen your lip color and serves as your lipstick base.

Use a lip brush. When applying any lipstick product, use a lip brush, so you can easy spread out and evenly apply the color on your lips. Swirling and spreading out the lipstick color warms the color and allows you to completely cover your lip lines.

Add a layer of lipgloss. Then lightly blot your lips on a tissue or blotting paper, to remove extra color or lipstick residue that remains.

Brush on lip powder after applying lipstick, lipgloss, or lip balm. This helps your lip product stay on even if you eat or drink.

  • Avon mark pro glimmer hookup lip powder is a shimmering loose powder that has been proven to add staying power.

Lip power and not powder can be used to set your lipstick. This way you remain smudge-free the whole day. Lip power is a sealant that can create a subtle and glossy sheen and can prolong the staying power of lipstick.

Go organics. For a more organic product, you can try lightly scrubbing your lips b

Always test the product on your skin before using it directly on your lips, to find out if you may have an allergic reaction to the product.


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