How To Put in Hair Extensions by Yourself

Hair extensions can be used by girls who want to have temporary long hair. These extensions come as real human hair or synthetic hair. Salons can attach different colors and lengths to your hair. They typically come as clip-ons and are easy to attach and remove. You do not need to go to the salon just to have your extensions attached. You can just purchase hair extensions from the store and attach them by yourself. You can do this by following the simple steps provided below.

Here are the steps that you have to follow if you want to learn how to put hair extensions in by yourself:

  1. Purchase hair extensions. Go to a wig store or to the salon to purchase hair extensions. You can choose extensions with a color close to your hair color or you can also choose to purchase a different color so that it can appear as highlights. Choose the length that you want for your hair. There are straight, curly, wavy and kinky extensions available. Select the one that is appropriate for your hair.
  2. Preparation. It will be easier for you to attach the extensions if you do it in front of a mirror. It is also good if you have a mirror at your back so that you can easily see if you attached the hair extensions the right way. Lay down the hair extensions on a table. Use a wide toothed comb to comb the extensions and ensure that the hair is not all tangled up. Partition your hair into different sections. Use a fine toothed comb to achieve straight partitions.
  3. Attach the hair extensions. When you are done parting your hair, you can already attach the hair extensions. Open the clip of the hair extension and position it right where the hair grows out of the scalp. The closer it is to the scalp, the better its grip. If you attach the extension too close, it might be uncomfortable to wear. Adjust the hair extensions to see what works best for you. Do this until you have worn all of the extensions on your head.
  4. Test the hair extensions. The job is not yet done after you have attached the last extension. The next thing for you to do is to test and see if the extensions are held in place when you move. Try to move your head from side to side and up and down. Get a brush or comb and go through your hair to fix it. The hair extensions should stay in place when you brush if you did a good job in attaching them. If not, go back and re-attach them again.

These are the simple steps that you have to follow if you want to know how to attach hair extensions by yourself. Attaching hair extensions take practice. Once you get the hang of it, it will take you less time to attach them to your hair and it will be easier for you to do.


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