How To Quickly Dry Up Acne

One of the most frustrating times is when we wake up in the morning and discover, upon facing the mirror, that we have new company out there, acne shining brightly on your face. This is not an uncommon problem. There are a lot of remedies out there, of various types, kinds and prices. But nothing in the market seems to solve our problem. Below is an alternative and a good way of drying up that acne even before it dries you up.

Prepare everything you need. Before you work on quickly drying up that acne, you should first prepare all the materials you need. Go prepare the following: cotton, Witch Hazel and an Aloe Vera gel. Note that what you need is pure Aloe Vera gel. You would not have hard time looking for these. Pure Aloe Vera gel can be found in most drugstores.

Apply witch hazel before bedtime. Once you have everything in set, it is time to start drying up that acne. Through cotton balls, apply the witch hazel on your acne before you go to bed. Do not wash it over. Just allow it to dry in your skin. Witch hazel can be applied even to your neck, back or anywhere you think the acne is hiding. Remember, you have to allow it to dry in your skin. Everything will be futile if you will wash it off or wipe it with dry cloth. Allowing it to dry would clear your skin from oil and will also clean your pores from dirt and dust.

Apply the pure Aloe Vera lotion the next morning. After allowing the witch-hazel to dry up in your skin overnight, apply the pure Aloe Vera gel in the places where you applied the witch hazel. As mentioned, witch hazel dries up your skin from oil, as well as your pores from dust and dirt. Now to balance the equation, apply the pure Aloe Vera gel to restore the moisture of your skin that has been dried because of the witch hazel. Pure Aloe Vera gel does not have oil that is present in lotions. Plus, pure Aloe Vera gel helps not only in healing scars, but also from preventing scars to develop.

Do the same process in the next week or two. On the second day, repeat the same process but this time, apply the witch hazel twice before going bedtime. In the evening, apply the witch hazel and allow it to dry in your skin. Once it is has dried up, apply the witch hazel for the second time. Remember to start applying the first witch hazel hours before you go to bed to give room for another around just before going to sleep. Again, you should allow it to dry up. Do not hasten the process by washing the witch hazel off with water or wiping it with dry cloth. The next morning, apply pure Aloe Vera gel. Do this cycle for a week or two and you will achieve the results you want.

Acne is a common problem and the market offers a lot of solution for it. If the ones in the market are not for you, either because they are expensive or ineffective, there is always an alternative. Do not let that acne dry you up. There are solutions for that acne that are not expensive or costly. In fact, there are cheap, simple but very effective solutions available.


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