How To Recover from a Nose Job

Post Rhinoplasty care is essential in maintaining results and aiding in recovering from a nose job. After a nose job, the doctor will provide instructions to follow. Following your doctor's orders can significally reduce the chance of complications and speed healing.

Rest is one of the most important things to aid in your recovery after a nose job. Rest enables your body to rebuild itself and heal. Take at least a week off of work to recover. Don't over do it after the nose job. If you play sports it's best to refrain for at least 6 weeks.

The doctor will, more than likely, prescribe a prescription pain killer. While the pain killer does not aid in healing, it will make the process of healing more bearable. Fill your prescription prior to your nose job so the pills are waiting for you after your nose job.

Keeping your head elevated after a nose job helps minimize swelling. Your head should be at a 30 degree angle or about two thick pillows high. Sleeping in a recliner is a great choice if this option is available for you. Also avoid bending over as much as possible.

Many doctors will recommend using a cold compress on your eyes or cheeks after a nose job. This helps reduce some swelling, but must be used with care. Be careful not to bump or jar the nose with the compress. Also, keep the nasal cast dry and be careful not to put pressure on it.

Glasses can also pose a problem; however, contact lenses can be worn immediately.  Don't wear glasses until the nose has completely healed, which could take two months after the nose job.  Once your nose splint has been removed, glasses can be taped to your forehead or propped on the cheeks. Take care not to sit glasses on the nose.

Do not sniff or blow your nose for the first two weeks after your nose job. Try not to sneeze, but if you must, sneeze through your mouth. The day after your nose job you should use a Q-Tip soaked in hydrogen peroxide to remove any dried blood.

Smoking or being in an area where there is excessive smoke can irritate the nasal tissue and slow healing. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed the first two weeks after your nose job as alcohol can increase bleeding.

Bathing in a tub is allowed after your nose job. Showering is allowed two or three days after surgery but be careful to keep the cast dry. You may wash your face with a clean washcloth or cotton balls.

Failure to follow these general steps along with your doctor's instructions can complicate or impede the healing process after a nose job.


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