How To Regrow Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory. There is no doubt about that. Healthy hair gives you confidence. It makes you feel better about how you look. Now, if growing your hair suddenly becomes a problem, here are some suggestions that really work. Forget getting those expensive hair treatment products. Consider some of these natural methods that can help you regrow your hair:

Massage your scalp. Do it by moving your fingers vigorously and briskly all around your scalp. Let your fingers move circularly. Repeat the process for about five minutes daily.

Get a prong hairbrush. Use it to massage your scalp. You may follow the instructions in No. 1. You goal is to evenly rub the prongs of your hairbrush all around your scalp. The process can permit smooth blood circulation in your scalp. It can also activate your hair follicles. You need to work on it for about 10 minutes. Concentrate on the specific areas where you are balding or where your hair is thinning.

Buy your own scalp massager. Yes, a gadget can do it for your better. You can readily order it on-line. You can also check out your nearest health food market to get one.

Drink stinging nettle tea. Have a cup a day. The regimen may help prevent your hair loss. It can also aid in naturally aligning your hormone levels.

Essentially, stinging nettle is an herb that prevents free testosterone in becoming into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is primarily associated to hair loss, both in men and women. According to, stinging nettle has the necessary chemicals that take control of two body enzymes that trigger hair loss. If drinking stinging nettle tea is tedious, you may just get stinging nettle supplements. Hair growth experts note that you can see the big results within weeks.

Use henna. Yes, it is the same herb that is frequently used in dyeing hair and in tattooing. Get it on-line or order it from your community hair care supply store. As an herb, it can make your hair grow healthy. You don't need to worry about losing your hair again.

Crush your henna until it becomes powdery. Mix it with water. Massage your hair scalp while applying it. Henna is basically a herbal stimulant for your hair growth.

Take psoralea seeds. This Chinese herb is also commonly known as babchi seeds. You need to consume between three and nine grams to guarantee better results between four and six months. Psoralea is also conveniently available in capsule form. Note that psorale can increase sun sensitivity. You need to see a doctor first before having it.

Your hair problem may be attributed to your hair's lack of vital vitamins and minerals. So, if you hesitate to do any of the six suggestions above, simply eat foods with the necessary nutrients for your hair. Have more of calcium, chromium, and iodine. You may also take iron, magnesium, and manganese.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is definitely hassle-free.


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