How To Remove a Hard Contact Lens

Putting on contact lens

Contact lenses should always be handled with care not only when you put them in, but also when you take them out. Soft contact lenses may be easier to handle, but RGP (rigid gas permeable), otherwise known as hard contact lenses, might be a little trickier to remove since it’s not as bendable as its soft counterpart. Here are instructions on how to carefully remove a hard contact lens.

  1. Keep your hands and fingers sterile. Making sure you have clean hands and fingers when putting in and removing contact lens should always be number one on your list. Scrub and wash your hands with soap and water before touching your contact lens and lens container. Precaution is needed since you are dealing with something that you will put into your eyes. If you don’t observe proper hygiene and cleanliness, it’s not unlikely for your contact lens to be contaminated with minuscule dirt and germs.
  2. Open your eyes wide. Look straight ahead while keeping your eyes open to its full extent.
  3. Hold your upper and lower eyelids. Put one pointer finger on your top eyelid and pull it up. The put your other pointer finger on your lower eyelid and pull it down.
  4. “Pop” the lens out of your eye. While holding both of your eyelids, blink once. Blinking should “pop” or force the lens out of your eye. Be ready to catch it with the hand that’s nearest the lower eyelid. If the lens doesn’t come out the first time, reposition your fingers, and repeat the process again.

Option: Use a miniature suction cup. You can easily buy this from a pharmacy. A suction cup is recommended when removing hard contact lens since they’re not as bendable as the soft ones. What you need to do is to apply the suction cup directly to the lens, and not the eye. When the suction cup has latched onto your lens, slowly and gently twist the lens off of your eye. Remove your lens from the suction cup by holding the lens and sliding off the suction to its side. Do not attempt to remove the lens directly from the suction cup since it might damage or deform your lens.

Hard (RGP) contact lenses are trickier to remove than soft contact lens, mostly because it isn’t as bendable and flexible as the soft ones. You will definitely need to use a suction cup if you can’t use the “blink-and-pop” method. What you always have to remember is to ensure that you have clean hands. You wouldn’t want to contaminate your contact lens with germs and dust that can irritate and harm your eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly not only when putting in, but also before removing your hard contact lens.


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