How To Remove a Nose Ring or Stud

Have you outgrown your nose ring and want a change? Or you simply want to remove your piercing to achieve a new look? Removing the nose ring or stud does not include the removal of the hole or scar. There will always be that mark that will remind you of the piercing that you put on or maybe including the life that you lived while with that accessory.

You can remove your nose ring or stud by yourself. You only need to be oriented of the proper way to remove the nose ring or stud in such a manner that you will avoid getting infected or irritated.

  1. Make sure that you have the necessary materials such as clean gauze, cotton balls and tweezers. Also, ensure that the place where you will remove your nose ring or stud, say the bathroom, is clean and has enough lighting.
  2. Boil the tweezers for about 15 minutes to kill bacteria that may be present. Dry them with clean gauze after boiling.
  3. While waiting for the tweezers to be sterilized, you can simultaneously clean your face from make up and dirt. Wash your face and hands with your regular soap and then let dry. Pat your face with a clean towel.
  4. Use your stronger hand to hold the tweezers and subtly put the tips of the tweezers on the edges of the nose stud. By gently pressing your nostrils against your nose, you will lessen the tension when you pull the stud from your nose. Be gentle, slow, but sure when you strike the tweezers on your nose.
  5. Stabilize the stationary ball of the stud by holding it between your fingertips. Then unscrew the ball to remove the barbell found at your nose’s bridge. Make sure that you do not poke yourself when unscrewing the ball especially when your fingertips point to the direction of your eyes.
  6. Then, slowly tilt your head so as to allow you to take the end of the horseshoe ring. Gently release the bar end by pulling the ball and sliding the bar out of the hole.

The tricky part here is taking the right angle where your hands have full control on holding and removing the nose ring and stud. If you think that you cannot do this alone, ask a friend or your original piercer to remove the piercing. However, if you suspect that you have an infection in the area of the piercing, you are no longer advised to remove the stud or ring. This is because the bacteria causing the infection can be trapped inside the wound while the hole starts to close.

Do not pull the stud or ring too hard when removing the piercing to avoid ripping of the skin tissues. Most of all, never try to attempt to pierce your nose if you do not plan to have it for a long time. Remember that the hole may heal once the stud or ring has been removed, but the scar will remain and may leave an unpleasant mark on your skin.


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