How To Remove Chin Hairs

Chin hair on men is perfectly normal. Social norms even encourage it, as chin hair is a sign of maturity and masculinity. However, for women, having chin hair is exactly the opposite. It can be embarrassing and very annoying. Social norms dictate that the face of a woman should be devoid of visible and thick hair with the eyebrows as the only exception. In any case, removing your chin hairs is quite easy and can be done using a variety of methods that will allow temporary and permanent reprieve.

  1. Shaving. The most common way to remove chin or any kind of undesirable hair from your face to your body is by simply shaving it off. Shaving is a temporary reprieve, as the hair will always grow back. However, it is a cheap and easy option. All you have to do is shave again once the hair grows back. Get a manual or electric razor and shaving cream or gel. Lather the shaving cream on your chin and start shaving the hair on it. Bear in mind that there are two risks when it comes to shaving. The first risk is the accidental cutting of the skin on your face. Be extra careful when shaving. The second risk is that regular shaving can increase the chances of thicker and faster hair growth.
  2. Plucking. Another effective way to remove chin hairs is by plucking each strand out one by one. Get a pair of tweezers and sit in front of the mirror to see your chin. Pluck each hair strand you see until your chin is hair free. It should take awhile before the hair grows back since you have plucked the hair strands down to the roots. This option can be painful and time-consuming but it is a cost-effective method.
  3. Hair removal cream. Another solution to remove chin hair painlessly and fast is by purchasing and applying hair removal or depilatory creams. These can be found in any beauty supply store. Applying the cream will burn through the hair strands with the objective of clearing your chin. The cons of using the cream are that it can cause bad skin reactions and has a pungent smell.
  4. Waxing. Waxing is a very popular method for hair removal. Visit your favorite salon or purchase a home waxing kit. Waxing will leave your chin hair-free for about a month or two. However, waxing is painful as well.
  5. Permanent methods. Some salons and dermatology clinics offer a permanent hair removal method like electrolysis and laser hair removal surgery. Electrolysis is done by connecting wires to your hair follicles, which shoot electric current to kill the hair and preventing it from growing back. Laser hair removal surgery, on the other hand, uses lasers to kill the hair in a particular area. Both of these methods are permanent hair eradicators but can cost quite a large sum of money. Furthermore, you will need to take several sessions to complete the treatment. However, if your hair problem is that bad, these treatments can really be worth your time and money.

These are most of the popular and common ways to remove chin hairs and virtually any kind of body hair. Some are temporary and painful, while others are expensive and permanent. Regardless, any of them will work well in getting rid of those pesky little strands of facial hair.


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