How To Remove Hair Dye From Your Hair

Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you just dyed your hair and were completely horrified with the results.  Your dream of having the best hair color turned out to be the worst hair nightmare.  At this stage, you are desperately wishing for your natural hair color, praying for your lovely light blond waves or your sleek black hair color to go back.  Putting hair dye in is a very tricky and serious business.  Removing it is a whole different problem that you carefully need to work on.  You just need to be very patient while going through this ordeal.  Read carefully and learn how to remove hair dye form your hair.

1.    Return to the salon immediately if a professional hair stylist applied the unwanted color to your hair.  More often than not, your stylist can correct the error that made your hair color go wrong.

Note:  If you dyed your hair darker than your natural hair color, proceed to step 4 immediately.

2.    For lighter hair dye removal—If you colored your hair at home instead of having it done by a professional, there is also a solution for this as well.  You can always go to your nearest salon and have an expert to remove it for you or you can do it all by yourself.  If you decide to remove it on your own, you can wash your hair by using these ready-to-use commercial product kits.

  • L'Oreal Color Zap quickly removes all permanent dye without damaging your original hair color. This is perfect if you want to color your hair immediately.
  • Roux Clean Touch has a soft and gentle solution that can easily remove hair color. This is wonderful to use for damaged hair. 
  • Color Fix by Jherri Redding is perfect for stubborn permanent hair dyes.  You need to be very careful though in using this since this is slightly stronger compare to other products.  By controlling the usage, this can also be a solution for color corrections to particular areas.

4.    Home remedies can also be made when you do not want to use any commercial products. 

  • Hot Oil Treatments.  You can start by doing these treatments on your hair and then frequently shampooing it.  By doing this often, it will slowly and gently remove the unwanted hair dye.
  • Bleach Solution.  Making your own bleach mixture at home is an effective way to get the color out of your hair as fast as possible.  Add one tablespoon of bleach to three tablespoons of shampoo.  Stir it in a cup.  Apply this mixture on wet hair and massage it starting at your scalp.  Slowly work your way towards the tip then back up.  Wash it with lukewarm water thoroughly.  You will literally see the hair dye vanish in front of your eyes.

5.    For darker hair dye removal—Removing darker hair dye from your natural light hair color is a very difficult procedure.  First you have to make sure that you do not apply bleach or use any products that have bleach solution in your hair.  It will greatly damage it making your hair very brittle. 

6.    Begin fixing it by coloring your hair again with a dye that is one shade darker than your original hair color.  It is advisable that you first call the customer service of the hair dye product that you're going to use before starting this process. Explain to your situation and have them guide you every step of the way. 

7.    There are some risks in doing this.  Your hair may have a different chemical reaction in the process of re-coloring it. Hence, you may end up in a much worse situation.  To avoid such results, it is recommended to go to a professional and have them fix it for you.

Now that you know how to remove your hair dye, it is now time for action.  Always remember to take your time and be patient.


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