How To Remove Hair Extensions

A lot of women, in order to look fabulous while adding volume and thickness to their hair, opt to get hair extensions. Hair extensions are normally fused on to the original hair to create depth and fullness. The extensions are bonded by a special type of glue that will prevent easy removal. This is a fantastic option for women with a thin head of hair. However, since a special type of glue is used, it becomes difficult to remove the extensions when the time warrants a change and alteration in hair styles. With care and by following some specific steps, you can remove these extensions in no time.

  1. Find where the extensions meet your real hair. To prepare for the removal of your hair extensions, the first thing to do is to find each every part where your extensions are bonded with your real hair. In order to do this, you will need to clip your hair to separate it from the hair extension tracks. When this is done, you will be able to feel out each extension bond easily.
  2. Spray oil sheen. As soon as you find all the hair extension bonds, spray a generous portion of oil sheen on each bond. Don’t be stingy in spraying each bond as the oil sheen will help loosen the hold of the bond. In fact, the oil sheen will help in eradicating the glue. Make sure to rub the oil sheen in each bond to saturate it and encourage it to seep in.
  3. Apply hair grease. To loosen the bond more, apply hair grease to the real hair on down to each bond. While applying the grease to your hair, start shaking and twisting each extension with the objective of removing it.
  4. Remove the hair extension track. As you apply hair grease and once you feel the bonds loosening up, lift the track out of your hair. If you feel like you are pulling your real part with the track, then all you have to do is to continue applying hair grease until the track comes apart. Even if the tracks have been removed, you may still find extensions bonded to your natural hair.
  5. Wash your hair with cold water. Now that the tracks are out, there will be some extensions still bonded to your hair. Wash it with cold water and scrub it as if you were getting out dirt and dust out of your hair. Use shampoo if necessary. You should soon see that the extensions are falling apart. Wash thoroughly and apply some conditioner as well. The bonds should have disintegrated by this time. It is important to know that washing your hair with hot water is not going to help as the heat will melt and re-bond the glue back into your hair. Cold water will turn the glue into grains that you can scrub out of your hair.
  6. Blow-dry your hair. The next step will be to blow-dry your hair. However, only use the cool setting as the hot setting can melt the glue and allow it to fuse back onto your hair. Once your hair is dry, get a comb and start combing your hair to take out any remnants of the bond out of there.

Patience is all you need to perform this job effectively. Do not be too frantic and rattled if it seems that the process is not working. Adding more grease and sheen will eventually dissolve the bond and your hair will eventually be free from extensions soon enough.



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