How To Remove Scars & Age Spots

Beauty and youthfulness are some of the things that people primarily want, outside of material things. Different cultures and races define beauty in different terms, but ultimately, flawless skin, no matter the skin color, is an indication of beauty and youthfulness.

As people age, their skin gets scarred because of pimple outbreaks, acne and other wounds on the skin, and they also develop age spots, which are dark spots that appear, some become darker than the normal freckles. Some scars and spots are not so dark that a basic concealer or make up can cover it up. However, there are scars and age spots that need to be removed and not just masked by make up or cosmetics.

Age spots not only appear on the face, but also on the hands, arms, back and chest. Scars can be anywhere on the body, but people are most conscious about their scars on the face, arms and legs.

Before finding out how to remove scars and age spots, it is advisable to find out how to avoid having them in the future.

  1. Age spots appear later in life, but is a sum of all the times a person has been in direct exposure to the sun. Scars also get darker when exposed to direct sunlight. It is best to avoid the sun, and even under a shade, it is advisable to apply sunscreen especially on the face. But do not just focus on the face, apply sunblock lotion on the arms and legs as well, and use lipstick or lip gloss that has sun protection as well.
  2. Use a facial cleansing regimen to avoid having pimple or acne breakouts that leave scars and dark spots.
  3. Avoid pinching pimples and acne. It is best to let them heal, or if they are starting to hurt or itch, let a dermatologist treat it to avoid infections, and deep scars.
  4. Treat wounds on the arms and legs to avoid infection and scarring. As much as possible, do not scratch insect bites since this will cause the itchy area to swell and eventually leave a scar or mark. Removing scars and dark spots usually involves applying a special cream or ointment that will lighten the dark area and let it blend in the normal color of one’s skin.
  5. It is best to consult a dermatologist regarding the best scar and age spot cream to use. The skin on the face is very sensitive so a dermatologically tested product should be used.
  6. Once a particular cream or ointment is prescribed by the dermatologist, use the product as prescribed, on a regular basis. Results will show only after the product has been used properly over a period of at least three weeks.
  7. It is best to choose a product that helps the skin’s melanin level to normalize, rather than just use a bleaching product. Bleaching products can be harmful to the skin, and it may result to whitening a certain area, leaving the other areas of the skin darker than the treated area.
  8. Aside from using an age spot or scar removing cream, undergo a facial procedure like skin peeling and exfoliation, which should be done by a dermatologist. This process removes the dead skin cells and enhances the skin to produce younger skin cells that look radiant.


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