How To Remove Unwanted Leg Hair and Underarm Hair

For women, leg and underarm hair are some of the most common bathroom bothers to be dealt with. Leg and underarm hair can make women conscious of themselves and can even restrict them about the type of clothing that they can wear. Skirts are almost impossible for women to wear when there is leg hair, and sleeveless blouses and shirts cannot be worn when underarm hair is present. If you want to remove unwanted hair in your under arms and legs, here’s how.

Clean and exfoliate. Whatever means to removing hair you use, make sure that you clean your body first. After or before a bath is the best time to remove unwanted hair. Bathing will generally soften the hair in your body and make it easier to remove. Another great way to soften the hair is through exfoliation. Use a loofah or a body scrub to soften the skin and prevent nicks and cuts, and to make the hair much more plaint and easy to cut. Afterwards, dry your legs and underarms with a clean towel.

Epilator. One of the tools that you can use is an epilator, which is a specialized shaving device that is designed for underarm hair and leg hair, which is usually much finer in women. The epilator will work best if your hair is of the right length, which is usually less than half an inch. More than half an inch and the epilator will not be able to easily remove the hair. Do not shave too frequently, however, since too frequent shaving will prevent the epilator from being able to cut the hair down to the follicles, which means that the hair will grow quickly and you will need to shave and use the epilator more often.

Depilatory creams. Apart from epilators, you can also use depilatory creams. These creams contain chemicals that will dissolve the hair quickly and easily, without damaging your skin. What makes depilatory creams so popular is because of their ease of use. You will only need to apply the cream on your legs and allow it to work for several minutes, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Afterwards, you can simply wash and rinse off the depilatory cream.

Shaving. You can also go by the old fashioned technique of shaving your under arms and legs with a razor. This is similar to how an epilator works, but with a razor you will need to do the shaving manually. Be sure to apply ample amounts of shaving cream to soften the hair and minimizes nicks and cuts. Apart from shaving, you can also manually tweeze the hair out of your underarms. Tweezing is particularly useful for small patches of unwanted hair, such as stray hairs in the eyebrows, and hair in the underarms.

After removing unwanted hair, make sure that you moisturize your skin properly, since the skin will usually be a little bit sore after hair removal. When using epilators, you should also be aware that the first few times would be a little bit painful especially if you have minimal pain tolerance. As you use it repeatedly, however, you will get used to the pain.


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