How To Resell Your Prom Dress

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The prom can give you lots of things to be happy about. First is the fun and laughter during that glorious event. Most juniors and seniors are waiting for the prom to dance with their crushes and be able to sashay into their lovely dresses and gowns. But the problem is, you only hold proms once a year. Once you graduate, what are you going to do with your prized prom dress?

Some sentimental people would rather keep the dress in their closet. They think it is a nice idea to walk down memory lane once in a while and glance at their prom dress, and say, "Wow, I never thought I could wear such a sexy dress!"  Others were a little smarter because they might have bought pieces which do not have complicated designs and trimmings, and therefore are still qualified to be worn on other occasions such as family gatherings, weddings, and graduation rites. However, if the practical and economical goddess in you prevails, you might consider reselling your prom dress. This is a good idea since you will not feel guilty about buying such an expensive prom dress, and not getting to wear it afterwards. While your prom dress still looks new, it can attract a good number of clients. With the crisis going on, they might be on the look-out for good quality, but cheap dresses.

The first thing that you should do is to look at your dress, search the Internet for online stores, and check the price of prom dresses. If they are reselling, you might want to get an idea how much you can price your dress. In the same manner, scout thrift stores and garage sales and inquire about the prom dresses that they resell, how old the articles are, how often they have been worn, and how much they cost. If you have worn your own prom dress only once, then you can set the price notches below its original cost. Also, check if the dress' original condition did not change much. Make sure there are no stains or runs. Otherwise, your attempt to resell your dress will be futile.

If you have an appropriate account, take pictures of your dress and post it there. The people connected to your account will immediately see your ad and contact you. Indicate details about your prom dress - what kind of fabric it is made of, how new/old it is, what brand or whose design it was. If your prom dress was made by a reputable designer then you can even have it auctioned.

Another way is to look for consignment shops and offer your dress to be sold in their establishment. It really depends upon how you settle things, but you may ask for your portion of the sales. The advantage to this method is that your prom dress has more chance of getting purchased. Customers can see it and try it on. Online reselling is a little discouraging to clients because they will only touch and try it on upon arrival, plus they have to pay for the shipping fee. Either way, you have to make sure that the article is still in good condition. Also, be sure to talk about it with your friends. Who knows? Your friends might even do the marketing for you.


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