How To Roll Hair in Curlers

When you have straight hair, there will come a time when you want to wear a different look without getting a perm. Setting up your hair in curlers can give you different styles to experiment with. You can achieve a new look with the use of different sizes of curlers. Curlers come in different sizes and shapes to give your hair different types of curls from tight ringlets, to spirals to big and bouncy waves. Here are the instructions on how to roll your hair in curlers.

  1. Shampoo your hair, condition it and rinse until the water comes clear. Pat your hair dry and use a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles. It is best to roll wet hair then allow it to dry to make the curls last longer. When you are using hot curlers, your hair should be dry.
  2. Get your rollers, bobby pins, fine tooth comb and styling gel. Comb your hair straight. Begin at the middle of your head. Divide the hair into sections. Start with the middle section, about two inches wide, less wide than the curlers that you will use. Run the pointed end of the fine tooth comb across the section to gather about a one-inch bunch of hair. Comb it up to make sure that all the hair strands are in one direction and untangled. Hold the bunch of hair with your left hand and keep it straight up. Place the curler under the ends of this bunch, about half an inch in. If your hair has a straight edge, it will be easier to roll the hair over the curler. If your hair is layered, you need to use end papers over and under the ends so that it will be easier to tuck the hair ends around the curler. Start rolling the hair over the curler, guiding the hair over the curler with your hands. Continue rolling until you reach the scalp, away from the face. Secure the curler in place with bobby pins. Follow the pattern until you reach your nape. The curlers should be placed close together for an even lift. If you roll the curlers at different distances from each other you will end up with more straight hair closer to the scalp and will not give you the lift and style that you want.
  3. Work on the next section of hair, which will be the sides nearer your cheeks. Continue rolling in the same manner, up and then under. You may use two to three curlers on each side, depending on the size. The hair should be rolled downwards.
  4. The last sections that you will work on will be rest of the hair between the middle section and the side section. The first bunch will be a bit smaller as a junction is formed between the two previous sections. This is all right. You just continue gathering the same amount of hair and rolling it.

Use the same size of curler and the same amount of hair each time to have even curls. Use the pointed end of the fine tooth comb to guide the ends and start the rolling process. Make sure that the ends are tucked in nicely and that the rolled hair will not go beyond the width of the curlers that you are going to use. Use more bobby pins to secure shorter hair that escaped from the end papers. Wrap your hair with a satin bandana if you want sleep with the curlers on. Use foam curlers if you plan to leave them overnight. Smaller curlers will give you tighter curls while large and jumbo curlers will create bigger and looser wavy curls.


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