How To Scrunch Hair Without a Curling Iron

Woman with scrunched hair

Scrunched hair is a great way to add a little jazz to your everyday look. But if not done properly, hair can end up looking flaky, oily, or like a bad case of bed head. There are simple procedures to follow through to get the best results, and avoid a bad hair day, no matter your hair type.  

  1. Wash - Shampoo your hair and condition it as well, using the best hair care products for you.
  2. Excess water removal - Now you want to get rid of excess water in your hair (an important part of basic hair care). You can easily do this by either squeezing out the water with your fingertips or you can put it in a towel, but do not try to rub out the water. If after toweling your hair dry, your ends are still drippy, you can towel the tips very lightly.
  3. Don’t Brush - For once, you don’t have to worry about brushing your hair. If you need to part your hair a certain way, use your fingers at the scalp and move your hair. If you feel the need to comb your hair, finger-comb your hair slightly. The trick here is that you want to detangle your hair without damaging it.
  4. Hairspray - You want to hair spray your hair, but don’t do your roots. It causes hair to look greasy and weighed down. I recommend hairspraying from the tips of the ears and down.
  5. Gel/mousse - Now to get the scrunch you want, use gel or mousse. Though mousse is preferred, use whatever you feel more comfortable with. If you have frizzy hair, you might want to look for certain frizz-controlling mousses or gels. Start by either bringing all of your hair to one shoulder and tilting your head, or flipping your head upside down. Put either the mousse or gel in your hands and rub them to spread it evenly.
  6. Scrunch - Grab a small to medium amount of hair by the ends and push it up toward your head. While your fist opens and closes like a claw as you work your way up, hold the position for a set time, approximately 30 seconds. While you're holding the fist of hair with your other hand, blow dry your hair for 10-15 seconds on the hair to help set your hair products. Make sure you set the blow dryer to a low setting.
  7. Repeat - Repeat the steps all over your head. Don’t forget to gel/mousse your hands every time before you get ready to scrunch.
  8. Tip - Remember to use small portions of your hair at a time to scrunch if you want tight waves. If you want the fuller loose wavy hair, then grab handfuls.

By now, you should have a headful of scrunched hair to add to your style. Whether you have oily hair or dry hair, scrunched hair is a great way to add to your look, and switch up your style once in a while. From a first date to the prom to a sexy dress-up event, scrunched hair is always appropriate. Try dangling a few tendrils from your french twist or chignon or wear your freshly-scrunched hair down with an appropriate hair accessory. Especially if one is crunched on time, scrunched hair is an easy and fast way to do something to your hair.


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