How To Select Skin Conditioner

How do you know which skin conditioner is best for your dry, itchy skin? Why does skin get so dry and irritated? How can we stop dry skin in its tracks? How often are these questions asked? Well, if you can't answer question two and three, you have not answered the first, and most important question: how to buy a skin conditioner that is best for you? To find the answer is not all that difficult. You just have to ask the right questions.

There are many people who have dry sensitive skin to begin with, and our environment doesn't help that at all. Heat, cold, wind, environmental irritants and pollutants all contribute to keeping skin conditions dry and itchy.

Do you know, for example, that the best and cheapest way to buy skin conditioner is to put your glass under a faucet and drink your water? Dry skin starts with dehydration. Drinking eight glasses of water a day (or more)hydrates your skin from the inside out. You might think the same rule applies for showering and tubbing. Wrong! Short, cool showers are the best to take if you don't want to wash your own natural moistness away. Long, hot showers (no matter how good it feels) are totally drying. After you have washed, you MUST put on skin conditioner, but not ANY old skin conditioner.

When it comes to buying skin conditioner, spending more is really the way to go. Cheap creams use harsh chemicals, cheap artificial colors and scents, animal derivatives, even alcohol in their preparations. This is not to say that plunking down a pile of money will guarantee a quality skin conditioner. What you need to do is read the ingredients list, and understand what you read. The longer a word is, and especially if a number follows, you can be sure that it is artificial. If you see names of plants, herbs, or food you recognize, you have a natural product by and large. Seeing vitamins such as E, A, or C is a plus.

The best places to look for skin conditioner are in the better department stores and in your local health food store. Department stores that hire knowledgeable counter people who can help you with your questions can definitely steer you toward the skin conditioner that is best for you. Health food stores carry many quality skin conditioners that are also cruelty-free, which means that no animal testing was used. If you are new to reading a label, have a look at the ingredients list of several skin conditioners you are thinking to buy. Again, look for simple words you know, that are short, and to-the-point; in other words, more natural. A more natural skin conditioner will be the gentlest way to get your skin back in great shape again.


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