How To Set Up the Paint for Nail Art

Nail art is any design that you put on your nails. This is not the basic thing that you usually do wherein you put on regular nail polish. This includes creativity and artwork. The best part is you are not limited to use one kind of enamel. There are a lot of nail paints to choose from that can certainly suit your creative ideas. This non-toxic paint is mostly acrylic and usually comes in different types such as chrome, glow in the dark, acrylic, neon, and a lot more. Now all you need to do is make the perfect little design! Read on to learn more about how to set up the paint for nail art.

1.      To successfully choose the right set of paint colors, it is vital that you clearly know your nail design. Make sure that you take the time to think about this really carefully. You can visit Gina Wallace's website at to give you some ideas about creative nail artwork.

2.      Select the paint that can make your nail design into a reality. There are a lot to choose from and each type of paint can give you different effects that can make or break the design of your nails. Acrylic paint is literally the best nail paint that you can possible use. It comes in different colors, textures and the like. You can easily buy this at any art and craft stores. There are several types of Acrylic that you can use. It all depends on the effect that you are looking for. These are the:

  • metallic or chrome paint (shiny and classic; great for depth and accent painting);
  • solid or opaque colors (the regular ones without the shine, just a flat color; perfect for outlining the design);
  • glitter polish (comes with shiny little glitters);
  • glow in the dark paint (your nail will literally glow in the darkness) and;
  • Neon paint (perfect for loud and funky designs.

When selecting the paint, do not mind the brand. Your main concern should be about the colors that you are choosing. Make sure that it is suitable for your design.

3.      Look for a clean table where you can set up your nail paint. The more spacious the surface area is, the better! Get a paint tray. You can use any wide, flat, plastic surface or you can buy a nail paint tray where you can close it up after using it preserving the wetness of the leftover paint. You can acquire this at any beauty shops near you.

4.      Start putting some paint on your paint tray. Make sure that you pour small amounts per color. Make sure that each paint color is not touching; an inch and a half interval should do the trick.

It is important that you get a dry folded cloth or clean rag and place it in front of the paint tray. This will be used to wipe off any excess water or paint in your hands, nails and brushes. Also, prepare a little bowl of Acetone. You'll need this to wash your brush when changing the paint. These are the things that you need to do when setting up the paint for nail art. You can never go wrong when following these steps. Good luck!


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