How To Shampoo Sewn-in Weaves

To make your hair more suitable for various styling, the use of sew-in weaves or hair extensions to add volume is the way to achieve it. Just like natural hair, this new crown of glory is in need of proper maintenance. You should be able to shampoo and condition it well and in a regular basis to avoid losing its shine. Remember, even if it’s a weave, it can still catch dirt and moisture, making it heavy and dull.

Here are the steps in maintaining your sew-in weave by shampooing and conditioning.

  1. Prepare your materials: shampoo, conditioner, a straight comb (fine and wide toothed) , and some pins and clips.
  2. Part your natural hair and weaved hair. Secure each segmented part with your pins and clips. You can have your own choice of shampoo and conditioner product. It’s preferable to use lukewarm water. Wet you hair by scooping up some water in your cupped hands. Do not dip your whole head into the sink. Wet hair by segments. Comb your wet hair downward to prevent hair tangles.
  3. Place an amount of your shampoo not on your palm, but on the pad of your fingertips. Work on the hair by segments. Work on your natural hair first. Take special attention in avoiding circular strokes against the scalp to produce lather, instead, pull through the hair strands from tip to tip starting at the top. This technique will prevent the formation of tangles. Rinse the segmented part of the hair where you have just shampooed.
  4. Repeat the procedure to the other parts of your segmented natural hair. When your natural hair is done, you are now ready to proceed to the sew-in weave parts.
  5. Lather your weave similar to how you did with your natural hair. Place an amount of shampoo on the pads of your fingertips and lather hair from tip to tip. This time, start on the bottom part going up. Be careful not to create any tangles. Usually this happens when you lather by rolling the strands against each other. Instead, separate the strands of hair as you go along. Pay special attention to your scalp, lather it as gently as possible. Be mindful not to pull the weave, check for thread in the hair.  Rinse the hair.
  6. Apply conditioner both to the weave and to your natural hair. Let it settle for few minutes, and then rinse by carefully dipping part of your hair into the running water. Remember not to bend too much and overdo it. Keep the force of water flow at the minimum. Use a straight fine comb with your natural hair, but switch to a wide toothed one when it comes to your sew-in weave.
  7. Before using the blower to dry your hair, you might want to put a hair protecting product to both your natural hair and weave. This would prevent any damage to your hair, preserving its luster and preventing the “burnt” odor that is common when you use heat with your hair. On the final combing of the hair, start at the bottom end of your hair, resolving tangles one at a time as you go up.

Although washing your sew-in weave is quite challenging of a task, nothing beats having clean hair. After all, you hair deserves to be pampered all the more now that it is more stylish.


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