How To Shave Your Genitals

Summer is here, and with that comes the obvious...less clothes. With all this ‘fun in the sun' comes certain aspects of personal hygiene that can't be ignored and one important thing is keeping things below the waist trimmed and tidy. When men and women wear, shall we say "small" swimming apparel, the need for neatness means a great deal.

Many people soap up in the shower, get a razor, and pray they don't hurt themselves. While others, opt for shaving cream, mirrors and a more steady hand, one that is less slippery.

Of course, there are those that are more creative and use electric clippers to either trim, or completely shave. There is still a chance of getting a cut, and there is some pulling that may cause discomfort.

The problem with shaving the genitals with a razor is not only the fear of being nicked, but there is uncomfortable and itchy stubble that comes within a few days. For this reason, depilatory creams, and waxing have become more popular. The areas are left smoother and it lasts much longer, sometimes six weeks or more.

If you have sensitive skin and get irritation from depilatory creams, and can't afford a salon waxing, shaving is for you. The best way to shave your genitals would be to first use clippers or scissors to remove excess length. Once the extra hair is gone, it depends on what is most comfortable for you... continue with the clippers, which may pull or pinch, or grab a razor.

I don't recommend shaving in the shower. Your hands get soapy and slippery, and you could easily cut an area that could cause a great amount of pain. I suggest shaving cream or gel being applied to the genital area in the bathroom, under good lighting, while standing. Shave all of the areas that can be seen, and use a hand held mirror to guide you through the areas that are more hidden. If you aren't steady, or feel clumsy, it may be a good thing to spread a towel on a bed and lay down to shave, using a mirror.

And, of course there is always the intimacy that can be gained by allowing your partner to do this for you. Once you do it a few times, it will get easier and your hand want be as shaky, and the quick touch ups won't be nearly as bothersome.


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