How To Shave Your Upper Thigh

There are women who shave only their lower legs since upper thighs take much work. But remember, if you do not shave your upper thigh, you will not be able to wear mini skirts with confidence or even a bikini. If you know how to properly shave your upper thighs, you will find out that it is not that hard to do it.

Here are some tips on how to shave your upper thigh:

  1. Use a sharp razor. It is better if you change your razor often since razors easily get blunted. A sharp razor gets the job done easily so you do not have to repeat the strokes. You also do not need to apply too much pressure to get the hair off if you are using a sharp razor.
  2. Use an exfoliating cream when washing the upper thighs. Exfoliating cream helps remove the dead skin cells and it will also make your skin feel smoother.
  3. Use shaving cream or foam. Using a shaving cream will make shaving easier since it helps the razor in reaching for the hairs. It also helps in moisturizing the skin since most, if not all, shaving creams contain moisturizer.
  4. Find the most comfortable position. Since you are shaving your upper thighs, standing is the best position and you can easily reach your upper thighs. You can also shave your thighs sitting down, however, if you sit down, the upper thighs are stretched and it might cause stings when you wash your thighs after shaving.
  5. Gently shave the thighs. You must be careful when shaving. Do not attempt to shave when you are in a hurry or you will just end up hurting yourself or cutting your thighs. You should also concentrate when you are shaving your upper thighs. A smoother thigh is what you want to achieve and it takes a lot of time to reach that goal so you must allot a specific time for shaving.
  6. Wash the razor after every few strokes. The hairs tend to get stuck in between the razor blades and if you continue to use it with the hairs stuck, there will be lesser hairs that will be shaved and it will take you longer than the usual to get all of the hairs out.
  7. Wash your upper thighs with cold water. This will close the pores on your upper thighs thereby prolonging the growth of hair. It also feels good and soothing to wash your upper thighs with cold water. It lessens the sting in case there are razor burns.
  8. Apply moisturizing cream. After shaving your upper thighs, you should apply moisturizing cream to make your skin smoother to touch. This also prevents razor burns and formation of dry skin.

You should include your upper thighs whenever you are shaving your legs in order to obtain good-looking legs that will certainly attract attention.


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