How To Shop for Clothes at Goodwill

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Goodwill stores offer a lot of discounts for your tight budget. As your dollar’s value becomes less and less each day, it is only practical to find the best deals for your shopping needs. Goodwill stores can give you great savings. They have a wide selection of clothing, household items, shoes and accessories. They also have great buys for books, games and a lot more.

How do you make the best of shopping for clothes at Goodwill?

  • List your needs. You should have everything written down before you leave the house. Otherwise, you might be tempted to buy low-priced, unnecessary items and forgo the essential items. Remember, you want to save money. You defeat your purpose of going to the Goodwill store if you overdo your shopping. A few dollars on wants could leave you empty-handed in the end.
  • Explore the store by area. Do not go around the store going back and forth to every department. You will get tired too easily, and you will not be able to maximize your shopping. A Goodwill store is much like what you see in shopping malls and department stores. It has signage to direct you to, for instance, women, men and children's stuff.
  • Spend quality time. You should not go to a Goodwill store with only an hour or so to spare. Bear in mind that shopping should be done patiently, in order for you to select the best buys. There will always be more options for an item, and you need to carefully choose the best among the selection. This way, you are able to enjoy and make the most of your shopping experience.
  • Look for the latest additions. There are always new items in various departments. Check them out, particularly accessories to match the clothes you will buy.
  • Watch out for quality branded items. Goodwill stores offer a lot of branded clothes, which can be found in select items. Do not miss the opportunity of buying quality goods for less than half the price.
  • Check out other Goodwill stores. Each store has different finds. If there is more than one store in your area, make sure to visit them all. You will have a more productive shopping experience this way.
  • Shop weekly. A Goodwill store might add almost 10,000 items every day! Do not let opportunity pass you by to find the best deals. If you cannot find a good item that is included in your list, go back the next week if there is no need to hurry.     

A Goodwill store doubles as a donation center. If you have a lot of excesses in your house, why not donate some of them? If you donate unnecessary items, you benefit from a tax exemption. You not only help many people, you also get to save more.

Here is a list of Goodwill stores from Hurry and check out the ones within your vicinity.

Maine:  Auburn 279 Center Street

Augusta 56 Western Avenue

Bangor 805 Stillwater Ave

Bath, Bath Shopping Center, U.S. Route 1

Belfast 13 Goodwill Drive

Biddeford 5 Points Shopping Center

Brewer 610 Wilson Street

Falmouth U.S. Route One, Shaw’s Plaza

Gorham 102 Main Street

Lewiston 1035 Lisbon Street, Shaw’s Plaza

Portland Union Station Plaza, 244 St. John Street

Portland 1104 Forest Avenue

Rockland Harbor Plaza Mall U.S. Route 1

Sanford 890 Main Street

South Portland Mill Creek Shopping Center

Topsham 106 Park Drive (Topsham Fair Mall)

Waterville 10 Concourse West

Windham Route 302, Roosevelt Trail

New Hampshire: Concord 204 Loudon Road

Dover 47 Chestnut Street

Hooksett Shoppes at Hooksett Landing

Laconia 22 Pleasant Street

Londonderry Appletree Mall Route 102

Portsmouth Southgate Plaza, U.S. Route 1

Williston 329, Harvest Lane

Attended Donation Centers: Falmouth Shopping Center

Portland 1104 Forest Avenue

Scarborough 605 US Route One

South Portland Maine Mall

Brunswick Walmart Parking Lot


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