How To Skin Polish

Skin Polishing is a special kind of exfoliation, the process of removing dead cells that accumulate on the skin surface. It makes new and healthy cells visible, making the skin look smoother, softer, and more glowing. It uses special ingredients that try to achieve a more even effect on the skin. It combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation.

For instance, it may use crushed shells and followed by an exfoliant that is chemically based. There is also some kind of moisturizing and toning process to complete the procedure.

So, you want to polish your skin and give that glow that other exfoliants cannot give? Here are some ways.

  • Skin Polish on Face: Check with your dermatologist what kind of products fit your skin type, especially your face. Do not buy over the counter products without knowing what you need for your face, since your face's skin is so delicate. You cannot risk irritating your face, since this is the first thing that people notice. Doctors often recommend products with alpha-hydroxy and salicylic acid. Do not overdo skin polish on your skin to avoid damaging and removing your new skin cells.
  • Body Polish: It is not enough to polish your face. This will make an uneven tone on your skin especially when the neck and face meet. Make sure also that you are using products that are recommended by your dermatologist. Do polishing on your body and feet during bath time. You may apply small amounts on your skin and moving in circular motion from the ankle to your neck. Take extra care in applying on sensitive areas such as the underarm or pubic area. Use a brush with a long handle so that you will be able to reach your back. Do not rush with polishing your skin so that your skin will not be hurt. You will feel that your skin is glowing in health and cleanliness after you rinse off the polish. You may have to use some moisturizer so that you will experience better effects.
  • Foot Polish: Your feet need the polish too. It is the one part of the body that does the physical hard work of walking around and carrying your entire body. It is good to treat your feet with this kind of relaxation and rejuvenation. You have to consult your doctor again for this. Most doctors recommend a polish that is stronger than what are used on skin and face.

Start by soaking your feet in water if you are not doing it during bath time. Apply a generous amount on your skin and rub rigorously then working towards the toes. You can even use a pumice stone to remove the calluses from your feet. Just be sure that you are not overdoing it since you may hurt your feet. Protect your feet from callus by using soft slippers and socks and applying foot moisturizers.

Polishing your skin may be somewhat expensive with all the products that you may need. It may seem impractical for people that are tight in their budget. There are also homemade polishes you can try.


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