How To Soften Your Hands

Isn’t it great when people praise you of having hands with soft skin like that of a baby?  Of course, having rough and dry hands will not bring you any compliments at all. There are many ways to keep your hands supple to the touch.  Why not try these tips in order for you to achieve that skin so soft?

Prepare your exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients. Lotion is not the only thing that makes your hands soft. You will need these materials in keeping your hands soft: lightweight gloves made of 100% cotton, brown or white sugar, bowl, towel, spoon, warm water, olive oil, and a moisturizing lotion. 

Mix your ingredients. Combine a cup of brown or white sugar and the olive oil in a bowl. With the use of a spoon, stir it until the mixture is fairly thick. You can add sugar and olive oil depending on how much mixture you need. After combining the mixture, collect your gloves, towel, lotion and then head to the bathroom. Keep all your hand-softening tools within easy reach.

Exfoliate. Exfoliation helps in eradicating dead skin cells that contribute to dryness and coarseness of your hands. This also promotes the growth of new, healthier skin. Now, wet your hands thoroughly with warm water. By using the mixture of sugar and olive oil, gently massage and exfoliate both your hands as well as your nails together. Do these for five minutes, making sure that you concentrate on the roughest area or calloused areas of your hands. When you are finished rubbing your hands, you can wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Remember that warm water is very different from hot water because hot water washes your skin’s natural moisture.

Use the towel to take away excess water, until your hands are just damp. Then, apply an ample amount of lotion to your damp hands. It’s best to use lotion with damp hands because the moisture will be locked in and will stay longer. After massaging the moisturizing lotion, put on the lightweight gloves. 

Relax. This procedure is best performed at night, right before going to bed, unless you want to wear cotton gloves throughout the day (which has been out of fashion for decades!). Do this treatment daily for at least a week and see if your hands get some improvement. Afterwards, you can do this at least three times a week for maintenance.

Hydrate. Adequate intake of water and fluids will also be important in keeping your skin healthy and supple. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water per day. Otherwise, your body—and your skin—will tend to become dehydrated. Feeling and looking healthy starts from within.

Most people will resort to using hand lotion when their hands are dry and rough. It is true that lotions, especially moisturizing ones, can make your skin soft but this is just for a limited time. It’s usually best to exfoliate and then to moisturize, so that softness and moisture will keep longer.


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