How To Soothe a Skin Rash with Oatmeal

Skin rashes can occur any time, and especially if left untreated with children, can result to nasty skin abrasions from constant scratching. If you live alone in a climate that rarely experiences hot, humid seasons, having a medium- to large-sized bottle of Calamine or a bottle of antihistamine is fine for those occasional rashes and itches.

However, if you have a large household of children and you live in places that experience frequent hot "let's go to the beach" kinds of weather such as Florida, then even two large bottles of Calamine may not last you a month. Not to worry! There is a cheap method of getting rid of those skin rashes and itches, and it is probably sitting in your kitchen cupboard right now.

The answer is oatmeal. The oatmeal you need is not anything special like those expensive packages of certified organic oatmeal you can find in specialty breakfast sections of the convenience stores. Any kind of oatmeal will do, whether it is instant, quick-cook, rolled, or slow-cooking oats. As long as it is unflavored oats then it will do for the purpose of soothing a skin rash.

True, there are ready-made oatmeal bath sachets for sale at most pharmacies. However, these easily cost about six to eight dollars for one six-pack of single-use sachets. For the budget-conscious, buying two packs of these is about the cost of a 10 pound box of oatmeal. Check out Amazon's prices for the two 5 lb. Box promotion of Quaker Oats if you don't believe it.

The savings alone, especially if the household stocks oatmeal regularly, are more than enough reason to spend some time preparing a home-made remedy for soothing a skin rash that is just as good as those six dollar sachets!

Making the skin rash remedy. To make one home-made skin rash soothing oatmeal bath, one cup of oatmeal is needed for a single person. For a baby, only about one-third cup is required. Any food-processing machine that can grind dry ingredients at a high setting will be sufficient for the purpose of preparing the oatmeal bath. It can be a blender, a food processor or a coffee grinder.

Ensure that the ingredient receptacle of the machine is dry. Pour in the oatmeal and grind it at the highest possible setting until the resulting powder has fine consistency like refined baking flour or baby powder. To test if it has been blended sufficiently, try stirring one tablespoon of the powder in a glass of warm water. If the powder dissolves in it immediately and the water looks milky and feels silky when you rub your fingers in it, then it is ready for use. Be sure to take note of the amount of time it took to blend it, so that testing will not be needed the next time another batch has to be prepared.

Using the remedy. To make the bath, sprinkle the oatmeal powder into a tub as it is getting filled by water. Stir the water manually with a hand many times so that the powder gets distributed evenly. Make sure to feel around the bottom for any lumps and break up any that may be found.

Once the tub is full and the powder is fully mixed, the person with the skin rashes can now enter it. Extra caution must be used when getting into the tub, as the presence of the oatmeal powder in the water makes the tub more slippery than normal. If a child is using it, make sure to assist the child into the water.

A fifteen to twenty minute soak is the normal length of time needed to soothe and relieve any rashes and itches. When done, make sure to pat the skin dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing the skin. Rubbing your skin with the towel will probably irritate the rash and start you itching all over again. This remedy for soothing skin rashes can be used once or twice a day at least.


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