How To Soothe Razor Burn in the Bikini Area

Shaving your bikini or your pubic area is ideal if you are going to the beach or the pool or even joining a beauty contest with a swimsuit competition. It is very unpleasant to see pubic hair peeping at the sides of your bikini area. However, shaving can cause razor burn or bumps. These are minute red bumps that are visible after shaving due to too close cutting or shaving the outer skin layers. This may be worsened if the skin is not properly cleaned.

How to soothe razor burn in the bikini area? Here are some tips.

Protect your skin. You should use a blade that is clean and sanitized. Be sure also to make yourself clean before shaving. This will avoid your skin from acquiring irritations and razor burn during and after the process. You can also use shaving cream a few minutes before shaving. This will allow a smooth shave and preventing irritations. Creams also have vitamins that will prevent any razor burn from occurring.

Trim first. Razor burns are often caused by too-close shaves. You can avoid from getting too-close shaves if you trim your pubic hair first with a pair of scissors. This will also make the shaving process easier.

Shave properly. It is best to follow the direction on where the hair grows. Going against the stem may cause irritation and razor burn since there is a tendency that you will drag the hair. Bee sure to use a blade that is sharp and if possible, razors with multiple blades. Multiple-bladed razors cut down the hair only in one stroke. You can also do some rituals after shaving. You can wash the freshly shaved area with cold water. This will close the pores and prevent irritation. You can also run through ice cubes to close the pores easily.

The best way to get rid of a razor burn is allowing the burn heal before doing a shave again. Find a exfoliant that is mild to the skin. It is recommended using an exfoliant that has salicylic acid. This will remove the dead skin from your skin that could clog your pores. Having clogged pores may prevent oxygen from getting into the burnt areas. The raw feeling that goes along the burn will be eased with the use of aloe Vera or tea tree. You can use the natural ones but you can also use those that come in creams or sprays.

You may use a single-bladed razor if you really have to shave. Be sure to do it lightly and carefully to avoid further irritation. Never use alcohol products (isopropyl alcohol, colognes, perfume) since burnt skin are wounds. This will only increase the irritation and not, to mention, very painful.

These are just some steps. There are now new alternative ways in which you can get rid of pubic hair without getting the razor burn. There are now available powders and even creams that will dissolve your pubic hair. There are also waxes that you can use to pluck your pubic hair without shaving it. You just have to wash the hair immediately. It is up to you and at your convenience.


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