How To Spot Fake Fragrances and Colognes

Fake fragrances and colognes flood the market every day and it is extremely difficult to tell them from the real thing. The packaging, labels, etc look almost real and unless you are a discerning buyer of perfume, it is easy to get hoodwinked by the fakes. While not 100% foolproof, there are a few ways in which you can spot the fakes and distinguish them from the real thing. Read on to find out how.

Step 1

Supply source. When buying perfume or colognes, especially online, check to find out that the supplier of the scents is a genuine and approved provider. Most genuine sellers will be willing to share this information with you and it is easy to verify such information.

Step 2

Wrapping and packaging. Every original perfume or cologne has its own distinctive wrapping and packaging, unique to each brand. Check out the cellophane wrapping or quality of the box and packaging material used. Fakes will usually show some amount of shoddy packaging, poor-quality wrapping material and the methods used to pack will be quite haphazard and shabby. If you examine the package carefully, clues that the fragrance may be fake will be easy to spot.

Step 3

Bottle, cover and spray. Again, the bottles, stopper caps and spray mechanisms used by genuine perfume brands are unique and distinct. Most of them are designed exclusively for the brand and it can be quite difficult to duplicate the more intricately designed ones. Check carefully to see the quality of material used to manufacture the bottle, the stoppers and the sprayer mechanism. IF the sprayer mechanism seems clumsy or hard to use, chances are that the perfume or cologne you've bought is a fake. This is because, with genuine brands, each component will be thoroughly tested and pass through stringent quality control standards. Makers of fake perfumes will not take the time or effort necessary to check such things.

Step 4

Labels and bar codes. The type of printing, spelling mistakes, label quality, etc, can give you hints as to the genuineness of the article. Also, bar codes contain unique information about the product and cannot be easily replicated.

Step 5

Characteristics of the scent. Take a good look at the fragrance or cologne itself. Telltale signs that the perfume could be fake, are cloudiness, floating debris, oil content or color of the perfume. The smell of fakes also will never exactly match the genuine one's scent and if you've used the real perfume before, you should be able to make out the differences in odor. Another important characteristic is the length of time the perfume will linger. Fake scents have a tendency to evaporate and disappear faster.

Step 6

Reactions to the scent. Often, fake perfumes and colognes can cause a variety of skin reactions when used, such as itchiness or rashes. This is on account of the cheap ingredients used, or on account of chemicals added to make the perfume more realistic.

With these standard five tests, you can find out the genuineness of the perfume or cologne which you just bought. Remember though, to buy from reputable sellers and stores, where you can get the additional security and guarantee that the fragrances or cologne you want is the real thing.


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