How To Start Dreadlocks

Girl with dreadlocks

There are at least nine known dreadlock styles to choose from: Backcombing, Brush Rubbing, Dread Braiding, Dread Perm, Twist and Rip, Twist and Pin, Twisting, Neglect, and Loomed Dreads. Now, you need a lot of patience and time to let your hair go through stages until it fully dreads. There is a certain kind of texture and hair length required to make this happen. This will determine the length of time it will take for your hair to lock and mature. Here are some tips on how to start dreadlocks on your own.

  1. Depending on what style you are choosing, you will most likely need the following: Dread wax, residue-free shampoo, and rubber bands. For the Neglect style, you don't need any products, though the use of products will make the dreading faster. The Backcombing style needs a metal comb, in addition to the products mentioned earlier. The Brush Rubbing style, on the other hand, needs a soft bristle brush. To make beautiful Loomed Dreads, you would need either synthetic hair or your own real hair that has been cut.
  2. Most dreadlock styles require clean and oil-free hair. It is advisable to air-dry your hair, so your locks won't break while you are styling it.
  3. Divide your hair into sections, starting from the top part of your head, working your way back. You can secure these sections either by twisting your hair into 2 strands, or by braiding it.
  4. For the Backcombing method, tease your hair--run a comb and create friction over the pieces of hair that you sectioned. Continue running the comb and teasing your hair until knots start to form. For Twist and Rip, use rubber bands to hold the sections, then get in the shower and rub your head in a clockwise motion. Dry your hair, and then pull your hair apart. As for the Twist and Pin technique, as well as the Twisting method, it simply requires twisting your hair. For Brush Rubbing, get a soft bristle brush and rub it in a circular motion until little dread balls form. Dread Braiding is also easy because you only need to braid the sections of hair. Neglect is probably the easiest way to make dreadlocks. All you have to do is to neglect your hair. That's right, do nothing. And you'll notice the dreads forming after days of not shampooing and combing your hair. For the Dread Perm and the Loomed Perm, you need to either go to the salon and have your hair done, or perm it, or attach the dread extensions yourself.
  5. After backcombing for a few hours, apply dreadlock wax to your hair. For the other types of dreads, you would usually apply the dreadlock wax as soon as you pin, braid, or twist your hair. Waxing is not required for the Neglect technique, though it helps speed up the forming of dreads.
  6. Distribute the dreadlock wax through the divided sections by palm rolling, and then mold the shape of the lock. Keep repeating this step when you do dreadlocks. This entire step applies for Twist and Rip and Backcombing modes as well.


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