How To Stay Safe at the Nail Salon

You probably had no idea that the nail salon was such a hazardous place. But consider all the germs, diseases, and ailments that walk through the doors of a nail salon every day, and you'll quickly realize the serious health risks you face every time you get a manicure or pedicure. Keep yourself safe and free from infection by following these rules on how to stay safe at the nail salon.

Step 1

Don't cut your cuticles. As thick as they may be, don't get your cuticles cut at the nail salon. They actually have an important function, which is to protect the rest of your nail from infection and bacteria. If you have this vital germ-fighting skin removed at the nail salon, you are putting yourself at risk of serious infection. Stay safe at the nail salon, and only allow your cuticles to be pushed back.

Step 2

Stay aware. When you're at a nail salon, it's your responsibility to stay safe and aware of the procedures you're having done. First of all, manicures and pedicures should never be painful. If you are experiencing stinging, building pain or something else that is uncomfortable and concerning, ask your nail technician to stop. It's better to be safe than sorry. Also, don't allow the nail salon to use tools on your hands or feet that cut your skin. This will open up the area to infection. Credo blades, razors, and callus graters are all sharp instruments that may make your skin vulnerable to diseases and infections that linger at nail salons.

Step 3

Use your own tools at the salon. Most of the health hazards at the nail salon come from the tools that are used. Improper sterilization of products can lead to some serious health problems for future customers. If you are not completely convinced that your nail salon has a good procedure in place for cleaning and sterilizing tools after each use, don't risk it. Keep yourself safe at the nail salon by bringing in your own tools each time you have your nails done. You will be able to rest easy knowing that no one else's infections or germs will be in contact with your body.

Step 4

Only visit reputable salons. When choosing a nail salon, go with your gut feeling. If the salon just doesn't feel right, don't even risk it. If you see dust, unclean work areas or nail clippings on the floor, go somewhere else. Stay safe and go to a better salon that looks cleaner and more hygienic. Take a moment to locate the salon's license as well, to be sure that these people are certified to care for your nails in a safe and responsible manner. Avoiding potentially harmful situations is the only way to stay safe at the nail salon.


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I like the fact that bring your own tools. This is great ideas; these are professional nails technicians. Ask them all if you can have the right tools to do mani & pedi.

By Lang (Elaine) Ngo