How To Stimulate Eyelash Growth

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then consider eyelashes as the decorative curtains. Long and thick eyelashes make a big impact on anyone's face by highlighting and framing the eyes, and quite a few consider them the ultimate symbol of beauty. However, it seems only a few seems blessed with genetics to have naturally beautiful lashes. For the rest of the mortals who want better eyelashes, here are a few tips on stimulating eyelash growth:

  1. Wipe off all eye makeup at night.
  2. Avoid the use of cheap, damaging mascara. Treat yourself to quality mascara and apply it sparingly, as these can dry out and leave your lashes brittle. What's more, improper removal of mascara can lead to eyelash loss.
  3. Carefully apply castor oil on your lashes every night, making sure none of it gets in your eyes. Castor oil is folk remedy, and may work better if mixed with glycerin. If you're unsure of this approach, try rubbing petroleum jelly or almond oil, which may help moisturize and condition them.
  4. Treat eyelashes with care. Never pluck at them while applying or removing makeup. Don't abuse eyelash curling and false eyelash application and removal. Don't cut off the tips of your eyelashes on the mistaken assumption that this will make them continue to grow.
  5. Wait seven to eight weeks. This is the normal growth period for eyelashes. If you need to, wear sunglasses or eyeglasses to take away the focus from your eyes and let them take a rest from your makeup regimen.
  6. Gently rub your eyelashes. Like any other hair follicle, stimulating the oil glands surrounding each individual lash will aid in growing strong lashes. There are eyelash combs available, which should be used once a week for this purpose. Don't rub your eyes with your fingers, as this will just create eyelash loss.
  7. Consider the use of eyelash stimulants. Look for an ingredient known as prostaglandin, which clinical studies show helps in eyelash growth. You can also try Latisse or Lumigan if it's available, as these products are known as bimatoprost and could aid in eyelash growth. This ingredient was originally used to reduce eyeball pressure on patients with glaucoma and was found out later to grow lashes. Repeated application of these products for eight to sixteen weeks will make your eyelash look thicker and longer. However, stopping the sue of some of these products will also halt eyelash growth; furthermore, there are side effects which may be undesirable.
  8. Try using eyelash conditioners. Some are priced very high, and the chemicals present in them may cause an allergic reaction to the eyes.

As a final word of warning, if you fear any eyelash treatment that may adversely affect your eyes, avoid using them. If you want to risk it, follow instructions carefully. One risk-free solution is simply waiting for your eyelashes to grow back. And it maybe worth the patience, compared to the risk of losing your eyesight, which may not grow back.


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