How To Stone-Wash Jeans at Home

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Stone washing is basically a process wherein you intentionally make sure that your jeans will be soft and will have a faded and worn out look. Hence producing an end product called the "stone-washed jeans."  This particular trend became most popular during the 1980's where fashion was everything but simple. Today, it has become the "IN" thing for all fashionistas again. You can see a lot of stone-washed denims in the malls, bazaars, stores and the like. Instead of spending money on these trendy apparels, why don't you just make your own faded jeans? It is very easy to do and can be easily applied to any kind of denim. Here's how.

1.      Prepare all the tools and materials that you will need in order to successfully stone-wash any kind of denim. Here is a list of the things that you need to get.

  • A suitable pair of jeans. You can use any kind of jeans. If this is your first time, it is advisable that you test run this procedure first. You can try this on an old pair of denim that is no longer in use and you can go from there.
  • Pumice stones (size of a tennis ball). You will only need at least two stones. You can easily acquire this at any drugstore or health and beauty shops near your area.
  • Sandpaper. Buy a new one and make sure it is clean. It should be rough graded, around thirty to fifty grit.
  • Salt. Any kind of salt will do.
  • A bucket. It is important that it is large enough for your jeans to fit and to be completely submerged in water.

2.      Go automatic. If you have an industrial washing machine, then this should be easier for you. All you need to do is put in a pair of jeans in the machine, throw some pumice stones in, turn it on regular cycle and let it do its magic. If you do not have an industrial washer, just skip this procedure and immediately proceed to the next step.

3.      Get your big bucket. Put in one cup of table salt and add some water until it is half filled. Stir the solution very well until the salt is completely dissolved. Add your jeans. It is crucial that it is completely inundated in the salt and water solution. This will relax the fabric and color of your jeans, making it soft and easy to scrub the colors off. Keep it soaked for two full days.

4.      Thoroughly wring your denim out. Make sure that there is no excess water dripping. Lay it on a clean flat surface. Start scrubbing your jeans vertically. You can either use pumice stones or sandpaper.

5.      Sun-dry it off. Hang your jeans outside under the hot sun to dry or you can just put it in a dryer.

6.      Wash it as soon as it is completely dry. Just put it in your washing machine and run it through a regular wash and dry cycle.

See how easy it is to stone-wash your own jeans? The best part is, you did not spend a dime plus you are utilizing something that will normally be neglected at the bottom of your closet if this is not done. This can truly save your time, effort and money! Now go out there and start stone-washing your jeans! It can be really fun and fulfilling especially after you see your desired results. Good luck and have fun!


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