How To Stop Blushing

Blushing is the involuntary rush of pink that rises in your face and neck whenever you feel shame or embarrassment. Some people, usually those with fair skin, experience blushing at an almost uncontrollable rate. If you are one of these people and you want to stop blushing, you can follow these steps for a calmer expression.

  1. Think of anything else. Distract yourself by thinking of something other than the idea that is embarrassing you. Try thinking of something that irritates you or even something that makes you sad. By thinking of something other than what causes your blush, you will be able to tamp down the response.
  2. Take a deep breath. Pause for a moment then inhale as much air as possible. Hold the breath for a count of three. Then exhale until you feel your chest tighten as your lungs empty of air. Repeat for three to five breaths until you feel your body relax.
  3. Clench your fists. You might need a greater distraction to stop blushing. If so tighten your fists until your fingernails dig into your palms. Let your body feel the pain then relax. This spike of pain should help distract your mind from the cause of your blush.
  4. Keep your cool. An increase in body temperature or blood pressure will help cause a blush in your cheeks or up your neck. Some people blush after a vigorous workout or sexual encounter. If you are one of these people, the only help for the blushes is to control your body temperature. Dress for the weather regardless of the season so that your body stays cool and at a near constant temperature.
  5. Avoid external triggers. The rush of blood that causes a blush can be caused by external triggers including food and drink. Avoid alcohol and spicy foods in order to keep your body temperature from spiking uncontrollably and causing a blush. Some people blush at off color jokes. If you are one of these people then limit this external trigger by avoiding the comedy clubs.
  6. Give up your sense of shame. Have you ever noticed that children don't often blush? The reason for this is that they don't have a reason to feel embarrassed. As they get older and learn the rules of society they also learn the taboos. With this knowledge there is now reason to blush. If you can give up this sense of shame or embarrassment for things then you will be less inclined to blush at awkward situations.
  7. Consider hypnosis. Since the blush is a subconscious response to stimuli you might consider hypnosis as an alternative to conscious control. A hypnotist can plant suggestions and ideas to direct your subconscious that can keep your body from reacting with a blush.

It is possible to control the involuntary response of a blush if you are willing to follow these steps. Spend some time taking deep breaths and getting your body under control and you might stop the blushing that plagues you.


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