How To Stop Facial Hair Growth for Men

Since this world is so much concerned with beauty and good looks, anything that looks a little bit different from normal is considered undesirable. Facial hair growth might be a big concern for most women, but men, most of all, also are more conscious of this issue. Facial hair growth is a natural phenomenon for men. However, having too much facial hair could hinder you from getting a job that you like. Plus, it could be a maintenance issue when you get ready for the day.

For men, the simplest and the most common way of stopping facial hair growth is shaving. But, this costs much time and the hair just quickly grows back in a short period of time. When you don’t want to shave or pluck your facial hair every day or when you don’t want to grow excessive facial hair like Santa Claus, here are some of the things you can do to stop facial hair growth: 

  • Hair inhibitors.  These greatly help men in the issue of excessive facial hair growth.  In general, hair inhibitors are natural medications that help retard hair growth process. In addition, hair inhibitors hamper the growth of unwanted hair. While shaving or plucking is commonly practiced, using hair inhibitors is more preferred by most people because it is not time-consuming. Rather than risk getting annoyed at removing hair again and again, using hair inhibitors cause less hassle. Hair inhibitors are available in the form of lotions and sprays that are generally practical and safe to use. Though these inhibitors do not remove hair, they help in preventing a certain percentage of hair growth.
  • Depilatory creams.  Using depilatory creams is another way of removing facial hair. Depilatory creams are effective and convenient to use.  It removes hair painlessly like shaving but does not remove hair deeply unlike waxing. Depilatories remove hair temporarily, though.
  • Permanent removal by Laser.  This is another option. This procedure be done in clinics or even in the comfort of home (if you have appropriate equipment and if you know how to work with lasers). This form of treatment removes unwanted body hair permanently by using a laser. The laser destroys hair follicles, thus, with hair follicles already dead, hair will not anymore grow. For best results, use laser hair removal not only once, but more, as the hair follicles are not completely removed.
  • Waxing.  Although waxing is commonly used by women, it can benefit men, too. Waxing is a semi-permanent method for getting rid of unwanted hair from its roots. New hair will not grow in the waxed area for two to eight weeks. Waxing is more preferred by many than just shaving or plucking. However, waxing facial hair is not regarded as a very good practice. Face waxing gives you more pain because facial skin is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of your body. Waxing can be done at home, but it is still best to consult experts about it.

As in the case of almost everything else in the world, too much of anything is not good.  The same can be said of facial hair.  Follow the tips in this article, then, to stop facial hair growth.


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